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A Summation Of Springtime In Europe

Lol, tourists.

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1. Watching taken before leaving the states

2. Realizing phones can be unlocked and used in foreign countries

GoPhones are for peasants.

3. Upon landing at Heathrow

Who needs malls when you've got airports?!?

4. Going to Tesco Express


5. Discovering the Chipotle on Baker Street

Four months later... "Are we getting Chi-POT-tle today...?" - your British boss

6. When the one tube line you need is closed for the weekend

Aka, developing a love/hate relationship with TFL

7. Hearing a child with a British accent

'ello, poppet!

8. Analyzing British girls' fashion sense

9. Feeding the first pigeon in Hyde Park

Tuppennnnnnce a baaaaaag.....

10. Witnessing buskers in the tube

The first time around...

Take 29...

11, Scoring cheap theater tickets the day of

Leicester Square, THAT'S WHAT'S UP.

12. Successfully navigating the tube for the first time

13. Trying to decipher the bus system

14. When they ask, "Are you an American??"

At first it's like...

But then it's like...

15. LIFE

"Snow". "Rain". Fog.

16. Waiting for your order at Pizza Express...

...then receiving pizza that isn't pre-sliced

What is this, the Dark Ages?

17. Discovering Hulu doesn't stream outside of the U.S.

18. Realizing you've lost your Oyster card

19. The first weekend jaunt across the Channel

I see London, I see France...

20. Trying scones for the first time

21. Waiting for the tube

22. Riding the tube

“There are severe delays on the District Line...”

“There is a good service operating on all lines”

23. Sneaking into several colleges at Oxford

24. Punting at Oxford



25. Discovering Ben's Cookies

26. Wanting to go out, but it's raining

At first it's like...

But shortly thereafter...

27. British reactions to your silly Americanisms

Pants. Bangs. Zucchini.

28. Meeting friends for High Tea

29. Accidentally getting on the wrong train

30. Trying to navigate traffic on Boris Bikes

31. Going to the beach in Ireland in March

32. Hastily acquired reaction to tourists

That forehead flab is mesmerizing

33. When April rolls around and it's finally Daylight Savings

34. When the sun comes out for the first time in three months

35. When it's 60 degrees for the first time

At first it's like...

But then it's like...

36. On the first glorious taste of Pimm's Cup

37. When it's finally warm enough for Pimm's


38. Trying to decipher Celsius

What is this tomfoolery anyhow?

39. Whenever people don't keep to the right

Escalators aren't rocket science, bro

40. Scoring steals on Ryanair and Easyjet

41. Braving airport security within the EU

You get to keep your shoes ON, BEAT THAT!


Cathedrals. Belltowers. Amphitheaters.

At first you're all, "ENTHUSIASM!"

But then you're all...

43. Eating tapas in España

Morcilla, anyone? ...anyone?

44. Trying to reason with the Ryainair flight attendants over the size of carry-on luggage

€50 bag check fees my EYE.

45. Finding a seat on the tube in peak hours

46. What never happens on the tube

Be warned, Southerners.

47(a). Finding out the Queen is three blocks away from the office

American Edition

47(b). Finding out the Queen is three blocks away from the office

British Edition

48. Forgetting to top up Ye Olde Oyster Card, causing the barrier to beep loudly

Making you the bane of every Brit's existence. CALL IN THE FIRE BRIGADE, WHY DONTCHA

49. Speed dating with Europeans

Lolz, it's the same everywhere, #surprise

50. Moving home, explaining the glories of Europe to the simple townsfolk

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