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25 Things We Did Before Smartphones

It was a simpler time... (No, wait, actually, was it though?)

1. You enjoyed gigs without having the urge to film them.

2. You could be late. And that was OK!

3. Newspapers were all the rage.

This was back when they used to print the internet on paper.

4. Playlists were known as "mixtapes".

5. You never knew where you were.

6. Dating was utterly terrifying.

7. Awkward situations were even more awkward.

8. You knew all your mates' numbers off by heart.

9. You got to know their mums pretty well too.

10. Arguing wasn't about being right.

11. Prank calling was a thing.

12. While this actually served a purpose:

13. With no social media, you largely kept your thoughts to yourself.

14. And you kept your embarrassing questions to yourself too.

15. You had to take pictures with one of these:

16. And then you had to wait a week to get back a pack of these:

17. You used strange, antiquated tools such as "pens" and "pencils".

18. You did ??? on the toilet.

19. Libraries were a thing!

20. Car journeys were more tense.

21. Pub quizzes were actually fun.

22. But most of all, we had boredom.

23. Oh god, the boredom.

24. So much boredom!

25. (Never leave us, smartphone.)

Thank heavens for smartphones. Providing a viable alternative to people since 2007. So get yourself a Super Mega Personalised phone deal at Carphone Warehouse.

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