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    34 Must-Read Books For Cat Lovers

    Perfect Christmas gifts. (Admit it, you're thinking "purrrrrfect Catmas" gifts.)

    1. This Russian Black Humor Satire

    2. This Interior Design Bible

    4. This B. Kliban Classic

    5. This Street Cat's Heartwarming Tale

    Flickr: moff / Creative Commons

    7. This History of the 40-Year-Old Cutie

    8. This Inspiration for the Hit Broadway Musical

    9. This Sweet Library Cat Story

    12. This 17th Century French Fairy Tale

    13. This Oldest American Picture Book Still in Print

    14. This Rhyming Favorite

    15. This First Book in the Best-Selling Fantasy Series

    17. This 1957 Adventure (Aka: Space Cat on Mushrooms)

    18. This Saga Starring a Sassy Siamese

    19. This Insanely Violent Cartoon within a Cartoon

    20. This Horror Masterpiece

    21. This Murder Mystery Series with the Best Titles Ever

    22. This Pop Icon's Manifesto

    23. This Warhol Gem

    24. This Sentimental Collection

    25. This Japanese Allegory

    26. This 1920s Silent Film Star's Still Comics

    27. This Choreography Guide

    28. This Philosphical Study of Feline Art

    29. This History of Papa's Polydactyl Cats

    30. This Essential Reference Volume

    32. This Coffee Table Eye Candy

    33. This Book of Touching Portraits

    34. This Box Lover's Biography

    Harper Collins' ~cat fashion show~.

    Oh Maru!

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