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24 Perfect Ways To Respond To People Who Ask “What's So Great About Books?”

Shhhhh. Less talk, more reading.

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1. Pretend not to hear them.

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And hopefully they'll disappear.

2. Passionately explain to them why books are great.

3. Then ignore them again by sinking into one of your favorite books.

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4. You can say, "It's something only intelligent people can understand."

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Follow up with a contemptuous chin-lift.

5. You could also say: "Not having $hit for brains."

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They'll never guess a bookworm could be so loud.

6. Blurt out something totally unrelated.

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7. Then get back to business...

Nickelodeon Movies / Via

Less talk, more books.

8. Smile serenely...

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No need to dignify the question with a response.

9. ...And continue to smile serenely plus hug a book.

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Still no need to dignify the question with a response.

10. *scream internally*

Disney / Via

Thus staying classy.

11. Or go with a blatantly obvious eye roll.

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Not always effective, but usually very satisfying.

12. Perhaps show some true emotions.

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Disarm them with your tears.

13. Be sweetly honest...

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Which is why I immerse myself in a good novel.

14. ...And then just humor them.

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15. Deflect a question back.

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16. Be mildly condescending...

Alcon Entertainment

17. ...or harshly condescending.

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18. Fight in the name of books.


(Removing clothing optional).

19. "Books make me sexy."

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Stroking thigh optional.

20. Educate with a poetic metaphor...

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21. ...then bring in some digital less poetic metaphors.


22. Advise self-education...

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23. ...then advise again in a more fabulous fashion.

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24. "Books are great. Nuff said."

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