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21 Things Only People Who Get Carded More Than Their Friends Will Understand

I.D. please... *cringe*

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1. You're actually so much older than the legal drinking age, you fear they'll think it's a fake I.D.

Superbad / Via

Well. Now I hope they feel dumb for carding me.

2. You get carded and wonder if it's your outfit that made you look juvenile.

Pulp Fiction / Via

Nope, I look damn good.

3. You try to laugh it off when you're the only one at the table who gets carded.


Oh God why did I have to order wine, a diet Coke would have been fine.

4. You pretend you're cool with getting carded just as you feel yourself regressing to your junior prom.


5. You have a moment where you honestly do not care who thinks you're but a child.


This moment lasts about 2 seconds.

6. You're next in line to the door, and you worry you will get carded.


Oh God, please don't ask me for...

7. Then the self-fulfilling prophecy ruins your night.

8. You can't believe everyone is getting waved in except for you.

9. You avoid going to the bar with anybody who might laugh at you for getting carded.

10. Instead of going out with the work crowd, you have to go back home because you forgot your I.D.

11. You refuse to go bar-hopping to avoid getting carded multiple times in one night.


But end up going anyway.

12. You hope your glasses and hairdo garner you respect.


But you're having doubts.

13. You try flirting with the bartender so as not to get asked for I.D.


Hey, why not!?

14. You consider bribing the doorman to not card you.


But you can't decide how much would do it.

15. You try to slip into the club unnoticed and fail miserably.


Oh crap.

16. You thought nobody saw you get asked for your I.D., but a friend saw and teases you.

17. You suddenly feel like a toddler and wonder if other people notice.


Uh...errr...don't look...

18. You act as though the person asking for your I.D. is totally pulling your leg.


"Ha, good one!"

19. The I.D. requester is not even smiling, but you continue to behave as though they can't be serious.


"You are soooo funny!"

20. When you don't get carded it's like the best moment of your life.


Respect, finally!

21. And the whole world loves you.



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