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    20 Novelties That'll Delight The Jane Austen Fan In Your Life

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single fan in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of these treats.

    1. The Warm Words of Mr. Darcy Hugging Your Neck? That's a YES.

    2. Hand-stitched Book Cover? Another YES.

    Jillian Tamaki / Via

    "Penguin Threads" Emma (Cover is hand-stitched with needle and thread), $12.40

    Learn more about the making of Penguin Threads covers here.

    3. Welcome to The Perfect Pouch for Tucking Away Little Schemes (or just some innocent pencils)

    4. All Manner of Little Secrets May Lie within This "Innocent" Book

    5. This Pretty Box of Janeisms is a Must for Correspondence

    6. Warm Hands with Liberated Fingers are a Must for Penning or Typing (& texting)

    7. Aw Such Sweet Silhouettes!

    8. And Who Can Resist These Literally Sweet Cookies?

    Songbird Sweets / Via

    Sense and Sensibility Themed Sugar Cookies, Set of 14, $30.75

    (15 if you count each half of Willoughby)

    9. Teapot + Jane Austen Novels = Match Made in Heaven

    11. Bewitch Someone Wrapped in this Scarf

    12. Lovely Sentiment to Tell Yourself When Checking Your Lipstick

    13. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Will Give You a Charge *blush*

    14. This Birthday Card Dazzles (while Jane politely suggests throwing a huge bash)

    15. Fasten This Around Your Neck and Feel the Inspiration

    16. Sensible and Sensational, The Perfect Handbag

    17. Can They Read You Like a Book? Uh Yeah, They Literally Can

    18. This Backpack Packs a Literary Punch

    19. Pillow Talk Is The Best

    20. This Mini Sterling Book Will Charm the Pants Off Anybody

    Jane Austen Gift Shop / Via
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