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    19 Perfect Mugs For All The Cat Lovers In Your Life

    Purrfect for decatf or regular.

    1. This one that's desperate for catffeine:

    2. This one that says, "Talk to the paw":

    3. This one that needs a drinking buddy to feel complete:

    4. This one with all paws on deck:

    5. This one with a subtle reminder to leave extra space for milk:

    6. This one that says, "Pick me up by the tail, I can totally handle it":

    7. This one with a cat that's climbing into your mug:

    8. This one that has already answered your questions:

    9. This one that has a special treat inside:

    10. This mug for those who take their coffee black:

    11. These mugs for any cat owner:

    12. This one that's great for coffee at home or even Breakfast at Tiffany's:

    13. This one with a cat that disappears when things get heated:

    14. This one that becomes a hothead when filled:

    15. This one that is calling for equal rights:

    16. These mugs for you and yours:

    17. This one that's sticking its neck out there for you:

    18. This one that's ideal for hot tea:

    19. This one with the purrfect pun:

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