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18 Perfect Ways To Proclaim Your Love Of Sushi

There's more to life than sushi, but not much more.

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1. This phone case

Sushi Bento Box Phone Case, $12.99
River City Printing / Via

2. This coin purse

Sushi Tray Coin Purse, $6.00

3. These towels

Tekkamaki, Kappamaki & Nattomaki Towel Set, $23.99

5. This mug

Otaku Mode / Via

8. These candles

Sushi Candles, Set of 4, $32.00

9. This candle

Ginger and Wasabi Candle, $18.95

10. This mirror

Sushi Compact Mirror, $10.50
NeuronsNotIncluded / Via

11. These leggings

Sushi Leggings, $49.00

12. This tie

Wasabi Green Sushi Tie, $40.95

13. These soaps

Wasabi Scented Vegan Soap in a Real Sushi Takeout Box, $19.75

14. These pillows

Sushi Pillows, $36.00 - $55.00

15. These suitcase covers

Sushi Suitcase Covers, $29.99

16. These socks

Sushi Nike Elite Socks, $26.00

17. These socks

Sushi Socks, $5.39 per pair

18. Nothing says "I love you" like sushi!

I Love You Sushi Card, $3.86
MudsplashStudios / Via

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