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17 Pairs Of Cat-Themed Socks You Need Right Meow

"Socks" is a super popular cat name. Coincidence? I think not.

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1. Cat got your tongue? Well then let your feet do the talking.

Cats! Crew Socks, $10.00

2. If you're cool enough, you can kick it with these kitties.

Kitty Knee Highs, $14.95

3. Grumpy cat can't stand kitten around, so don't you dare pull his leg.

Grumpy Cat "No" Knee Highs, $12.95

4. Cats on a minty backdrop are so yummy you'll want to put your foot in mouth.

Cat Trouser Socks, $6.00(4 other color options)
Hot Sox / Via

Cat Trouser Socks, $6.00

(4 other color options)

5. This is your cat. This is your cat ON BOOKS. Any questions?

Cats on Books Socks, $7.50

6. Purrfection is: a cat face rubbing on your ankles.

Cat Ankle Socks, $4.99 per pair

7. Get ready to strut down the street in these socks.

Over the Knee Kitty Socks, $12.32

8. Make a cameow appearance.

Cameow Knee Highs, $10.00

9. You'll be feline dreamy in these socks.

Catnap Socks, $8.00

10. Bespectacled cat says: "Here's looking at you, kitten."

One Wise Kitty Ankle Socks, $9.99

11. Put your feet up in these when you want to kick back and unwind.

Unravelling Sock, $13.00

13. These socks are never a fashion faux paw.

Kitty Pals Knee High Socks, $10.99

14. Cats. Bacon. Space. Deal with it.

Bacon Cats Crew Socks, $6.50

16. Don't save these for a rainy day, wearing them is meow or never.

It's Raining Cats Knee Socks, $12.00

17. "Pussyfooting" takes on a new, bold meaning here.

Cat Print Ankle Socks, $5.00

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