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    17 Pairs Of Cat-Themed Socks You Need Right Meow

    "Socks" is a super popular cat name. Coincidence? I think not.

    1. Cat got your tongue? Well then let your feet do the talking.

    2. If you're cool enough, you can kick it with these kitties.

    3. Grumpy cat can't stand kitten around, so don't you dare pull his leg.

    4. Cats on a minty backdrop are so yummy you'll want to put your foot in mouth.

    5. This is your cat. This is your cat ON BOOKS. Any questions?

    6. Purrfection is: a cat face rubbing on your ankles.

    7. Get ready to strut down the street in these socks.

    8. Make a cameow appearance.

    9. You'll be feline dreamy in these socks.

    10. Bespectacled cat says: "Here's looking at you, kitten."

    11. Put your feet up in these when you want to kick back and unwind.

    12. You're the sock whore? Your cat's the sock whore? You decide.

    13. These socks are never a fashion faux paw.

    14. Cats. Bacon. Space. Deal with it.

    15. Cat heads. Unicorn cat heads. Space. Deal with it.

    16. Don't save these for a rainy day, wearing them is meow or never.

    17. "Pussyfooting" takes on a new, bold meaning here.