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16 Gifts For Your Favorite Book Lover Under $26 Each

Hey, you'll still have funds for that rare book you've been lusting after. (Oh, and that's cool if your fave book lover is in the mirror).

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1. Book Pillows

Books are awesome. Pillows are awesome. Therefore, a book pillow is awesomeness squared. (That is, in a rectangular form).

2. Personal Library Kit

Good friends lend books. But do good friends return books? Here is the cutest and funnest solution to that issue. (Yes, funnest is a word).

3. Legs Bookmark

My Bookmark / Via

A great novel allows you to walk in the footsteps of the main character, which is why these leg bookmarks are perfect page markers.

4. Flexible Rubber Book Ring

Design Tun / Via

You could say this ring pops a wheelie. Flexible rubber book ring made from bicycle inner tubes by Design Tun is light as a feather, yet packs a big fashion statement punch.

5. Samurai Sword Bookends

It's said: "The pen is mightier than the sword." These Katana Bookends beg to differ.

6. Bookworm Temporary Tattoos (Set of 14)

Tattify / Via

Give the gift of bookish temporary tattoos. (Hey, they can always upgrade later to the permanent kind).

7. Terracotta Bookend Vases

I bet you didn't know you needed book-shaped vases until this very moment.

8. Book Themed Candles

Frostbeard / Via

Who doesn't love the smell of books and book rooms? Now you can indulge your senses with these bookish candles even if there are no books in the vicinity. Can't decide? Get the Bibliophile Tea Light Sample Pack.

9. Bookplate Rubber Stamp (Customizable)

Talk to the Sun / Via

Stamping is fun, yet stamping in the shape of a book is even more fun.

10. Tardis Book Light|_Lighting_%26_Clocks&rkgid=1453729665&cpg=ogplaho1&source=google_home_office&adpos=1o1&creative=45816581565&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CLi

Plus it comes with a UV pen. You know you want it. Go get it.

11. Book Socks Galore and / /

Worms may not have feet, but bookworms like you do. Keep your toes cozy when you snuggle up to a book, take your pick of various styles here, here, and here. Oh, and here.

12. Letterpress Bookplates

Rx Letterpress / Via

Ex Libris excellence! These bookplates marry the age-old art of letterpress printing with a playful and biting wit such as the "Snobby Intellectual," "Ridiculous Cat," "Den of the Dastardly," and "Villain in Pillory."

13. Book Shaped Plates

All book lovers have heard of bookplates. But what about book plates?

14. Book Journals

Happiness is: A book to write in about books.

15. Bookshelf masking tape

my-risu / Via

If I had a had some bookshelf tape, ♫ I'd tape in the morning, I'd tape in the evening...♫

16. Penguin Clothbound Classics

Step aside, e-reader — what could be better than the feel of a real, cloth-covered hardback book?

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