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    15 Secret Santa Gifts That Actually Don't Suck

    Think outside the gift card. (And support an Etsy artisan while you're at it).

    1. 7 Layer S’mores

    Viveltre / Via

    "I hate s'mores," said no one ever.

    2. Log Pillow

    Christmas Log Pillows / Via

    Bolster the festive mood with a cushy yule log.

    3. Mini Pallet Coasters

    Howeils Fired Coffee / Via

    Forklift unnecessary.

    4. Phone Dust Plugs

    MILANDIY / Via

    Awww puppy, awwww.

    5. Unique Phone Cases

    Crafic / Via

    Ice cream sandwich phone? Yes, please.

    6. Secret Safe Book

    Secret Safe Books / Via

    A novel (yet useful) gift.

    7. Letterpress Desk Calendar

    iSkelterProducts / Via

    Don't you just want to run your fingers over the numbers?

    8. Wood LED Clock

    Enjoy Times / Via

    Another timely gift heading right into 2015.

    9. Make Your Own Cheese Kit

    Sandy Leaf Farm / Via

    A cheesy gift they'll actually want.

    10. Parking Notes

    FlytrapOnE / Via

    Tacky gift! (Super sticky backing to make your point stick).

    11. Secret Flask Book

    Secret Safe Books / Via

    Keeps you in good spirits. (Literally).

    12. Dual Beer Glass

    Pretentious Beer Glass / Via


    13. Milk and Cookies Mug

    In A Glaze / Via

    Genius again.

    14. Gourmet Popcorn Seasonings

    Dell Cove Spice Company / Via

    Chocolate-Covered Candy Cane, Sriracha, and Butt-Kickin' BBQ just to name a few.

    15. Chocolate Gun

    Soap Weapons / Via

    Sweet, sweet chocolate.

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