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15 Etsy Calendars That Have Been Waiting Almost 2 Months For You

Add some fab functional art to your desk and wall for $15.50 or under. Plus support an indie artisan!

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1. "They tell me I've got just 10 more months. I want to share my precious last days with you."

Watercolor Prints 2015 Desk Calendar with Handmade Recycled Wood Stand, $15.00

3. "For just $13.60, I give you Big Bang for your buck."

Big Bang Theory 2015 Wall Calendar, $13.60

4. "Let me remind you that Instagram didn't come out of nowhere."

Cameras and Mini Animals 2015 Desk Calendar, $9.50

7. "They say every dog has its day. I have 365! I'm such a lucky dog.

Dachshund 2015 Year-at-a-Glance Calendar, $15.00

8. "Hey, the calendar above is wrong! It's not Year of the Dog. It's Year of the GOAT.

Year of the Goat 2015 Calendar Trading Cards, $5.00

9. "My days are numbered. Trust me, I'm sacked."

Muslin Letterpress 2015 Calendar Bag, $2.50

10. "OMG, I'm afraid my days are numbered, too!"

Printed Hand-drawn Illustration 2015 Calendar with Metal Clip, $12.50

11. "I know my days are also numbered, but it's not a big deal."

Happiness and Inspiration 2015 Desk Calendar with Stand, $9.19

12. "I want to remind you there is magic in the world. (Or at least in the Harry Potter world there is)."

Harry Potter Inspired 2015 Desk Calendar with Plastic Stand, $15.50

14. "I'd love to spend all my days in front of the tv with you."

Letterpress TV Mini Calendar, 6.00
blackbirdletterpress / Via

15. "No matter the day, the week, the month, or the year,--I'm here for you."

Letterpress Perpetual Calendar, $9.50
Dependable Letterpress / Via

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