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14 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts To Surprise That Special Someone

Think outside the box of chocolates.

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1. Give Sweet Dreams

Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow, $29.99

2. Give Love Letters

"B Mine" Book Letters, $75.00

3. Set the Mood

Personalized Birch Candle Holder, $20.50

4. Ignite the Romance

Lighter Earrings, $49.99

7. Show Some Animal Magnetism

Kitty Love Magnet, $5.99

8. Make Things Magestic

Sterling Silver Majesty Crown Ear Cuff, $9.00

9. Indulge Your Sweetheart

Heart Shaped Mini Macaron Favors (3 Macarons), $5.50

10. Give a Blossom to the Light of Your Life

Light Bulb Bud Vase, $7.00
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11. Open a Romantic Chapter

Secret Heart Books, $42.00 - $54.00

12. Impress Your Love

Personalized Fingerprint Heart Ring, Sterling Silver, $64.00

14. Make Everything Epic

Legendary Best Friends Necklaces or Keychains, $13.71
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