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14 Super Smart Dogs Dish On Their Latest Meals Of Homework

"My dog ate it" truths unleashed.

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1. "The gross anatomy diagram was extremely gross. Like I almost barfed."

Hipster Puppies / Via

2. "Your theorem has given me paws."

Hipster Puppies / Via

3. "Welcome home, your chemistry thingy was really yummy, but it gave me horrible gas, plus I think I'm now BLIND."

Hipster Puppies / Via

4. "You call that a 'bibliography?' I call it a hot mess."

alicejamieson / Via Flickr: alicejamieson

5. "That poetry was cheesy as hell, throw me some more couplets."

madzuka / Via Flickr: madzooka

6. "Damn...that essay was sooooo dry, grab me a beer, wouldjya."

Hipster Puppies / Via

7. "Next time warn me if there's TRIG in there, I thought it was just pi, bro. ANGLES. ARE. NASTY."

Daniel Kulinski / Via Flickr: didmyself

8. "Your solar system model was really good. What's that? 'Uranus will give you gas?' Dude that is soooooo lame."

Hipster Puppies / Via

9. "Your poorly conjugated verbs have given me indigestion."

Angie J Geworsky / Via Flickr: httpwwwflickrcomphotosangie

10. "Fill-in-the-blank crap never fills me up. I'd give my eye teeth for a good ol' term paper."

Hipster Puppies / Via

11. "BEST doggone cell model!!! The mitochondria mini hot dogs so yummy in the green jello cytoplasm!!!"

Whit Snell / Via Flickr: jwsnell

12. "DISGUSTING that you plagiarized my work; however, the fine linen paper you selected was quite delectable."

Hipster Puppies / Via

13. "Certain so-called 'facts' in the last paragraph were especially hard to swallow. THANK GOD I had coffee to wash it down."

Hipster Puppies / Via

14. "Hey owner-dude, I TOTALLY had the munchies, so I ate your roommate's homework too. He can thank me later."

Hipster Puppies / Via
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