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    14 Must-Haves For The Perfect Booklovers' Night In

    You can get these by Valentine's Day if you really book it.

    1. Arrange the Date

    Meow Kapow Shop / Via

    2. Get Casually (and Literally) Elegant

    3. Spruce Up A Bit

    4. Offer a Sweet Love Token

    LucianaFrigerio / Via

    5. Give a Heartfelt Bookmark

    7. Bring Out Some Conversation/Fire-Starters

    8. Set the Mood

    Candles for Book Lovers / Via

    9. Set the Table

    10. Enjoy a Cuppa

    11. Add a Shot of Good Spirits from the Bookshelf

    12. Skip the Heart Box in Favor of the Book Box of Chocolates

    13. Snuggle Up and Read Together

    14. Then Indulge in Pillow Talk Till The Sun Comes Up

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