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This One Goes Out To All The Daddios Out There...

To all the Daddios out there, this ones for you. Especially my daddio, Guido!

1. This one goes out to all the Daddios out there...

themetapicture / Via

Keep on doing what you're doing, pops.

2. To the Dads who taught us to never lie...

thematapicture / Via

And if we did, this would happen.

3. And the Dad's who trusted us with their lives (and their car)...

themetapicture / Via

Only after taking the proper safety precautions.

I wrecked my Dad's car before even getting my driver's license. He wasn't even mad, he was impressed.

4. This one's for the Dad's who got overly involved in high school sports...

5. And don't forget the Dad's who helped their daughter get ready for her first date...

6. And all of the Dad's who are just plain hilarious...


And might cross the line sometimes.

7. Because really Dad's are always just looking out for you...


And your wardrobe/cell phone bill/HAVE YOU BEEN USING MY GAS CARD TO BUY BEER?

8. So here's to my very special Dad...

Caroline Schmidt

(for being part-horse/part-human)

9. For paying way too much money for me to look like a thug at Disney World...

Caroline Schmidt

OH and for paying for school/cars/braces/food/shelter etc. etc.

10. For being a patriotic Dad...

Caroline Schmidt

God bless America and the person who cut your hair so crooked.

11. And for being a stylish, fedorable Dad...

YES, that is my is my hair extensions attached to his head in PUBLIC.

12. And let's not forget your genius idea to wear grocery bags as rain boots...

Caroline Schmidt

Jazz fest ready!

13. So you get the idea, Dad's are the best so you should give yours a hug today!


Taylor swift hugs her Dad, so you should too.

14. And finally, here's what I want to say to my very own Daddio

caroline schmidt

Thank you for being the person who saves me from each and every predicament. You're the person I know to call when I'm in a bind, no matter what it may be (most likely a car accident, whoops). I am so happy that I have you as my Dad and I hope you know how much I appreciate all that you do for me (and Chief, woof woof).

As kids, you never missed a thing! Whether it was one of my 8 trillion basketball games or one of T-Ran's art/photography shows, you were there. Remember when T-Ran was a "pot-head" in the Jefferson Parish summer play? Yep, that happened.

Thanks for always making us laugh and for repeating the same jokes over and over again (Don't drive, Aim). Thank you for teaching me to not take life too seriously and to laugh constantly.

All in all, I couldn't ask for a better father so THANK YOU and keep up the good work. But don't forget, "Don't be a jerk at work," and Randy and I will continue to, "Be cool in school."

Love you,


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