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28 Times People Have Actually Cried Because Of Food

"Somebody else was eating macaroni and cheese. I wasn't eating macaroni and cheese. I wanted macaroni and cheese."

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the silliest and most embarrassing things that have ever made them cry.

And a LOT of people admitted to crying because of food.

That's legit, though: Food is a truly moving and emotional thing.

Especially these foods, which are but a small sampling of all the foods that have made people break down and lose it. Try to contain yourself.


5. Buffalo Wild Wings

One time my boyfriend told me he and his friends were going to Buffalo Wild Wings and he invited me, I started crying because I was so excited to eat wings because I had wanted wings for months before that.

— Hannah Suchomel, Facebook


10. Quesadillas

There was a period of about 3 months where I was unreasonably emotional. I was on buzzfeed one night and saw an article that listed recipes for the best quesadillas to make. I thought they looked so good, I was overcome, and started to cry.

— Valerie Bitterman, Facebook


11. Bagel with cream cheese

Kathleen Franklin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kathycsus

I was eating a bagel and cream cheese and started crying when I realized I couldn't finish the other half, and I would never be able to make the bagel understand that it was just because I was full and NOT because I didn't want to eat it. (birth control, amiright?)


12. Nutella, again

jamieanne / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jamieanne

Nutella.. I was eating it out of the jar with apples, when out of nowhere, I burst into legitimate tears asking "why is it so good!?!". While my sister laughed and proceeded to take many snapchats of me…


14. Southern food

Mike Mozart / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

I cried and sobbed "PASTURIZED CHEESE PRODUCT" in a diner upon finding a Kraft single on my omlette. I was not acclimating well to the south's lack of good brunch after a recent move from Massachusetts. My boyfriend still won't let me live it down.



15. Northern food

I am from the South. When I moved away for college all I wanted was some fried chicken and sweet tea. My boyfriend drove me around all night looking for fried chicken and after the third restaurant we went too only had grilled chicken and generic sweet tea I cried for an hour. I'm single now.


16. Chocolate cake

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed / Via

I was taking these new birth control pills that made me emotional as hell AND I was on my period. My mom brought home a chocolate cake from her job and I was cutting the cake and then I burst into tears thinking about how the person who baked this cake went to cooking school for years and graduated and now they're living their dreams making cakes for people just like me. I was VERY appreciative. LMAO

— Ashley Sy, Facebook

17. Exploding eggs

I told my boyfriend about that thing where if you squeeze an egg in your palm, it won't break. He tried it and it exploded and got all over me. I sobbed.

— Emily Cummings, Facebook


19. Red velvet cupcakes

feli* / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: absolut_feli

One morning my mom came from the store with a 4 pack box of huge red velvet cupcakes, I couldn't wait to eat them when I got home from school. When I got home later that day, I was relieved to see there was 1 left. I was struggling to get it out of the box and when I succeeded, the cupcake fell with the frosting on the floor. I just gasped in horror when I saw that my cupcake was ruined. I just thought about how I thought about eating this cupcake all day just to have to throw it away. That's when I bawled for about 10 minutes

— Carmen Garcia, Facebook

20. Cheeseburger

Scott Olson / Getty Images

I once cried for like a straight half hour because earlier that day I had gotten a cheeseburger (my favorite food) and not been able to finish it and then I got hungry again.

— Yzabeaux Feather, Facebook

21. Salsa

Molly Ⓥ / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: veganflower

I had a really bad day and when I got home all I wanted was some chips and salsa. I couldn't get the salsa jar open, I tried all those trucks like hot water and gripping it with a towel and it wouldn't budge. I ended up holding the jar of salsa on the floor while I sobbed.


22. Stuffed zucchini

J. Hendron / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: biberfan

I was making stuffed zucchini for dinner one time, and when I cut it in half it didn't quite end up in two perfect halves, resulting in an instant flood of tears of course



23. Ramune

Nicole Lee / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nicolelee

I had just started a new medicine that altered the way things taste. My husband and I were shopping in a mall, and he got me a Ramune. In the middle of the mall, I started sobbing uncontrollably because it tasted wrong.


24. Leftover pizza

rob_rob2001 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 59247791@N08

I had two slices of leftover pizza that I was stoked to eat after a long day of work. Came home and they were MIA. Turns out, my little brother ate my pizza. I closed myself in my bedroom and cried for an hour. He felt awful.

— Carly Bass, Facebook

25. Messy Mexican food

jeffreyw / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeffreyww

Once my family ordered Mexican for dinner, and I have a very specific method of preparing my food before eating it (first the sour cream on it, then the guac, etc) and just when I had made it perfect my dad realized we had each other's food, and made me switch. His was a big ol' mess and there was no way to fix it. I cried inconsolably for about fifteen minutes. I was 18.



27. Ice cream

Mor / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mmoorr

My boyfriend took too big of a bite of my ice cream..It resulted in the biggest fight my boyfriend and I have ever had. That was two years ago, were still together and find the whole thing hilarious now. #hangry


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The quote in #10 about quesadillas was submitted via Facebook by Valerie Bitterman. A previous version of this post misattributed the quote to someone else. Sorry about that, Valerie!