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    15 Blackboard Signs That Will Teach You Important Lessons About Life

    "Farts are the ghosts of the things we eat."

    1. This A+ observation.

    2. This somber truth about our dearly devoured food.

    3. This important truth about poetry.

    4. This thought about true love.

    5. This harsh reminder that fairytales aren't real at all.

    6. This uncomfortable existential reality.

    7. This sign that just gets you.

    8. And this quite astute observation.

    9. This very legitimate criticism.

    10. And this very heartwarming invitation.

    11. This quite meaningful admission.

    12. This pledge of allegiance to mind-altering substances.

    13. This silly little mixup, ha ha!

    14. This impeccable logic.

    15. And this.

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