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    17 Small Things You Can Do Today To Have A Stronger Relationship

    Grand gestures are way overrated. Sometimes it's the small, simple things that make a huge difference in your relationship.

    1. Tell your partner what you ate for lunch.

    Or shoot them an email about your boss's wacky tie. Or send them a Snapchat pic of any of the other random, meaningless, and mundane things that you noticed throughout the day.

    Keeping your partner up-to-date on the small things you think, see, and experience fosters what some relationship experts call "interrelatedness," a key factor in intimacy. This is especially important if you're in a long-distance relationship, where you don't have many chances to chit-chat about the silly stuff.

    2. Say thank you, even for the small expected things.

    3. Work out together.

    4. Get a good night's sleep.

    5. Snuggle up at night.

    6. Give your boo a foot or back rub that doesn't lead to sex.

    7. Show positive interest in the random things they're interested in.

    8. Go on a double date.

    9. Schedule actual couple time, even if it's just for fifteen minutes before bed.

    10. Split the housework.

    11. Go to bed angry.

    12. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

    13. Get pumped about your boo's good news and accomplishments.

    14. Do something weird together.

    15. Maybe don't tweet that.

    Or this, either. Data from over 800,000 OkCupid users showed that people who professed that they "tweet frequently" had shorter relationships on average than those who weren't so active on the network. (Related, useless fun fact: People who say they tweet frequently also say they masturbate more. The more you know!)

    16. Plan a night out with your friends, without your partner.

    17. Kiss more. And make it count!