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29 Bearded Guys Who Are Already Winning No-Shave November

Every November, lots of people stop shaving as a way to raise awareness and money for cancer research. You've got some catching up to do.

1. This guy with the glasses.

2. This fella with the warm hat.

3. This one with the long, silky hair.

4. And this man with the warm smile.

5. This dude with the mountains.

6. This guy with a 'stache to match.

7. And this guy with the mullet of bearded looks: coiffed up top, party down below.

8. This dude who is maybe actually Superman.

9. This guy who is proud of his team.

10. This guy who has mastered the art of the one-eyebrow raise.

11. And this guy who is a bit skeptical.

12. This man whose beard is wider than it is long.

13. This man who has used his beard to raise money for charity.

14. This man who is all about the beard hashtag scene.

15. And this bearded man who is looking rather dapper.

16. This dude who knows that the right accessories are everything.

17. This dude who knows exactly the right angle for that beard selfie (belfie?).

19. And this dude who's ready for his close-up.

20. This man who has recently discovered the joys of a luxurious beard.

21. This bearded man who is just impossibly hip.

22. This fella who has a lot of beard combs, and knows exactly where to store them.

23. And this guy whose beard is blowing in the wind.

24. This man with a guitar.

26. This guy who is having the most fun.

27. This guy who maybe just wants to be left alone right now.

29. And this guy. Bravo, sir.

No-Shave November is an annual fundraising campaign for cancer research. This year proceeds from No-Shave November go to the American Cancer Society. Learn more here.

You can also join and participate in Movember, a similar movement focused on raising awareness and money for men's health programs and research. Movember participants grow mustaches during the month of November. Here's how to get involved in Movember.

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