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    17 Admittedly Pathetic Thoughts Everyone With A Cold Has Definitely Had

    Nothing like getting sick to make you truly appreciate clear nasal passages.

    1. You realize that you never truly appreciated your good health until now.

    2. Even though the doctor says it's "just a cold," you are pretty positive it's actually death right around the corner.

    3. And this damn thermometer MUST be broken, because your fever is wayyyy higher than that.

    4. No one understands your anguish.

    5. And some people are actually rather rude about it, in fact.

    6. But for everyone who doubts you'll show them.

    7. You definitely should NOT have googled your symptoms.

    8. But you definitely should have read the medicine bottle descriptions a bit more carefully.

    9. You can't remember why you once found this picture so funny.

    10. You really wish you had used protection.

    11. Your boyfriend/roommate/BFF really doesn't seem to get the urgency here.

    12. The definition of "romance" has changed a bit in the past few days.

    13. Although there mayyyy be an upside to this whole snotty, coughing, miserable thing.

    14. And some doctor's orders you can definitely get behind.

    15. At least your Snapchat game is still strong.

    16. And so is your sense of humor.

    17. And if you really really think about it, there are at least some people on this earth who understand you and know your anguish.

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