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19 Genius Health Tips Lazy People Will Appreciate

Working hard or hardly working?

1. Stock up on frozen veggies and berries to have on hand when you might need them.

2. Buy a season (or a series) of a very addictive TV show. Force yourself to watch it ONLY while you're running on the treadmill, using the elliptical, or pedaling a stationary bike.

3. Eat from small plates, bowls, cups, and jars to help manage your portion sizes.

4. Or eat from plates and bowls that are a different color than the food you have in front of you, also to help with portion sizes.

5. Prepare a box of grab-and-go snacks on Sundays so you always have something healthy to nosh on every day.

6. Make good friends with a slow cooker.

7. Carry around a big old water bottle wherever you go.

Always be hydrating! If you need some ~inspiration~ to get your water in, here are 13 easy ways to drink more water every day. OR, you can also back the Kickstarter for HydrateMe, a water bottle that syncs with your cell phone, tracks how much water you've been drinking, and glows when you need to drink some more (pictured above).

8. Drink a cup of black coffee before you work out, because it'll help you burn more fat.

FUN TIP. As BuzzFeed Life previously reported, caffeine in coffee will free up your fat cells for your body to use as energy, according to Tim Coyle, exercise physiologist at ComiteMD. And it'll also jazz you up a bit, which means you might even work out harder than you normally do. Read 17 things everyone should know about metabolism for some more facts and tips.

9. And eat some protein within half an hour after you work out, so you can build muscles ~faster~.

10. Keep your hair dryer in your gym locker.

11. Prep all your workout gear the night before, so it's all ready for you when you wake up.

12. Go ahead and sleep in your workout outfit, if you have to.

13. Fill half your plate with vegetables for lunch and dinner, and then make sure you eat the vegetables first.

14. Leave your blinds open at night, so the sunlight helps wake you up in the morning.

15. Prep your lunches for the week on Sundays so you can just grab them without thinking when you're out the door in the morning.

16. Set an alarm about an hour before you want to be asleep, so you can harass yourself to get moving on your bedtime routine.

17. Lower your thermostat before you go to bed to about 65 degrees for a better night's sleep.

18. Put your phone on airplane or do not disturb mode before bed.

19. And take a few minutes every day to unwind.

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