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17 Reasons Why 2014 Was Kale's Best Year Ever

2014 was a major year for kale. Almost too major. Let us count the ways.

1. January 6, 2014, marked the day of peak kale consumption possibly of all time.

2. Beyoncé showed her support in her newest music video released in November.

3. And then a group of dudes made a parody of Beyonce's music video... featuring actual kale.

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4. This guy and probably many other people dressed as Kale for Halloween.

5. In April 2014, Madonna visited the BuzzFeed offices and outed kale as gay.

6. An article about what it's like to be married to a man named Kale went viral on New York magazine's The Cut.

7. 2014 was also a good year for kale accessories. You could buy a gold dipped kale leaf necklace on Etsy...

8. Or a punny t-shirt from salad chain Sweetgreen.

9. Actually there are a LOT of kale puns available it turns out.

Like these Oh Kale Yes! tees from The Balanced Blonde's shop.

10. They served kale at the Super Bowl this year.

11. The Kaleesi burger was born.

12. A British company invented a kale and Brussels sprouts hybrid, effectively creating the absolute trendiest Franken-veggie.


13. And even though kale consumption was slightly less on the weekends...

14. And kale consumption also dipped slightly on holidays...

15. And actually there was one other day this year that was sort of low kale-consumption wise...

16. And that day was 4/20...

17. Overall, kale consumption was at an all-time high this year.

April 20, 2014, in addition to being a major holiday for all pot-smokers, was ALSO Easter Sunday. So... you be the judge.