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24 Diagrams To Help You Eat Healthier

Including quick and easy dinner recipes, a Paleo shopping list, a guide to portion sizes, and more.

1. For eating your fill of fruit.

2. For dinners that are healthy AND quick.

3. For when you're trying to eat Paleo.

4. For picking the perfect avocado.

5. For blending the smoothie of your dreams.

6. For smoothies that are even simpler.

7. For packing the perfect Mason jar salad.

8. For brewing an excellent cup of tea.

9. For making yummy, healthy soups.

10. For a super simple DIY salad dressing.

11. For when you're cooking healthy for one.

12. For making all the healthiest grains.

13. For estimating portion sizes.

14. For vegetarians who want some more protein.

15. For spotting added sugar in your food.

16. For getting your nuts straight.

17. For choosing the best veggies.

18. For more exciting hummus flavors.

19. For marinating your meat just the way you like it.

20. For healthy recipe substitutions.

21. For when you're tired of eating the same old salad.

22. For eating all your vitamins.

23. For remembering all your superfoods.

24. For how to store all your healthy foods.

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