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23 Perfect Mugs For All The Caffeine Addicts In Your Life

Win at Secret Santa and at life. (But

1. Great for your drunk friend!

2. For your ~*~sarcastic~*~ friend.

3. For your friend who runs the world.

4. For your BFF.

5. For your friend who needs to draw the line somewhere.

6. And for your friend who just isn't having it. Not today.

7. For the special someone in your life who isn't afraid to be honest.

8. For the person who really can't be bothered.

9. For the pal who knows what they want and isn't afraid to ask for it.

10. For the person who definitely has their priorities in order.

11. And this is for your boss. (JK, don't do that.)

12. This mug is a lovely gift for someone who could use a sweet reminder every morning.

13. And this one is great for anyone who already owns a "talk nerdy to me" T-shirt.

14. Get this for the friend who's clever like a fox.

15. For the Mean Girls obsessive.

16. For your ~*~flawless~*~ friend.

17. And this one for anyone British.

18. This one is clearly for your friend with a cat, because they definitely don't have enough cat-themed products already.

19. This mug is good for anyone who knows the struggle is real.

20. And this one is good for anyone from the South, because obviously, y'all.

21. These mugs are great for anyone who loves tacos, nachos, and/or puns.

22. And this mug is perfect for anyone who has something to fucking say about proper grammar.

23. Oh, and do you know a sociopath? This is the present for them.

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