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This 85-Year-Old Woman's Workout Routine Is Bananas

Proof that fitness knows no age limit.

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This video from China of an 85-year-old Chinese woman's workout and stretching routine is starting to go viral. And she is seriously impressive.

Facebook: video.php

Business Insider posted this video to Facebook this morning.

The video shows her doing all sorts of movements that show off her flexibility and strength. Like these dips, for instance.

And these splits.

At 85 years old, this impressive woman can bend over and touch the floor. (Can YOU do that?)

She can also touch her foot to her head.

And she gets some serious height on her high kicks.

Facebook: businessinsider

If YOU want to increase your chances of being fit and strong and flexible as you grow older, like this woman, the best thing you can do for yourself is to develop an exercising habit, and stick with it. That doesn't mean you have to go beastmode at the gym all the time — even just walking every day is a good place to start, and a good habit to get into. More on all that here.

Seriously — what a badass.

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