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36 Tiny Yet Heinous Crimes Most Of Us Have Been Guilty Of

#16: Shame-tagging your best friends in embarrassing posts on Facebook. Inspired by this Quora thread.

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1. Scanning the room to look for more interesting people when you're talking to someone.

2. Texting while walking, especially on a busy sidewalk.

3. Running back to get something you missed "really quick!" as soon as you reach the front of the line at the grocery store check-out (bonus points when there are people in line behind you).

4. Talking (loudly) on your cell phone in public places, like restaurants, trains, buses, and the library.

5. Leaving your clothes overnight in a communal dryer.

6. Removing someone else's clothes from a communal dryer; putting them in a big dirty heap on another machine, or even the floor.

7. Parking over the line.

8. Getting a really good grade on an exam and telling people that you didn't even study that hard for it.

9. Studying really hard for an exam, stress out about it very visibly and vocally for a week straight, tell everyone you're expecting to fail, and then get an A+ on it. Doing this repeatedly, for every exam.

10. Bragging about your own happiness and success in front of a friend who is really down on their luck.

11. Complaining about your own happiness and success in front of a friend who is really down on their luck.

12. Telling someone exactly why their life decisions are flawed.

13. Telling someone why their religious beliefs are stupid.

14. Telling someone why their political beliefs are ridiculous.

15. Telling someone why their favorite sports team sucks.

16. Shame-tagging your best friends in embarrassing posts on Facebook.

17. Pointing out spelling and grammatical errors in online comments sections.

18. Reading Twitter or Facebook when you're on the phone with your mom.

19. Ghosting on someone you have been casually dating. Just stop returning their phone calls and texts and emails.

20. Jaywalking.

21. Playing your music way too loud when your roommate or neighbors are trying to sleep and/or study.

22. Not responding to text messages for hours, or even days, but still being very active on your public social media accounts.

23. Telling lies.

24. Talking shit.

25. Never letting people finish their sentences.

26. Assuming that you already know what someone's going to say, and disagree with it before they finish saying it.

27. Only ever pointing out things that are wrong, without also suggesting solutions.

28. Giving non-apologies, if you apologize at all. Saying things like, "I'm sorry you feel that way," and, "I'm sorry that your feelings were hurt." Just generally not taking responsibility for your own behavior.

29. Standing on the left side of the escalator, blocking people from walking up it.

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30. Never committing to any plans; only ever saying "we'll play it by ear" or "I'll keep you posted." Then flaking on everything, unless nothing better comes up.

31. Responding to text messages and emails days late with the excuse, "OMG I just saw this!" or "OMG this response has just been sitting in my drafts folder!"

32. Responding with sarcasm when someone tells you something personal and upsetting, because you are too freaked out to know how to respond appropriately.

33. Telling someone that they're being ridiculous, crazy, or sensitive when they try to tell you how they feel about something.

34. Sharing your very well researched beliefs about someone else's food choices.

35. Asking people how they did on their SATs.

36. Making someone fall in love with you, and then betraying them terribly.