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What Did You Learn The Hard Way About Breastfeeding?

Because breastfeeding can be HARD, and some new moms can use all the help and advice they can get.

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And most new moms probably can't go anywhere without HEARING those opinions.

Maybe your baby has a hard time latching on. Or maybe you're dealing with some cracked and very painful nipples. Or a biter.

And it can be a very emotional and confusing process when things don't go as smoothly as you expect.

Any words of wisdom, or kind pointers, or thoughtful suggestions?

Bras that are GREAT for nursing. Pumps that you swear by. Or even tips about how to respond to nosy strangers who make rude comments or stare. You get the idea. What did YOU learn that helped YOU out?

Share all your advice in the comments! We might include your tips in a future post on BuzzFeed.