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Are You More Carolin Or Grace??

Let's see who your more like

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  1. Before a test you...

    You study and stress
    You wing it...
  2. It's a Saturday night and your home alone...

    Family game night!!
    Jam sesh
  3. Time for a midnight snack.. watchu gonna eat?

    Ice cream
  4. Your favorite song comes on shuffle- how do you react?

    Dab on the yeetdropmillyfolkswhipnaenae
    Screams and freaks out
    Start twerking
    Sing the wrong words.... off key
  5. Time to go out for dinner...

    Dress cute
    Ain't nobody gonna see me...
  6. See someone you don't know well....

    Say hi!
    Walk by...
  7. Meeting new people...

    Outgoing and loud
    Quiet and nice
  8. You have detention why?

    Talked to much
    On your phone
    Got in a fight
    It was a misunderstanding...
  9. the debate starts getting heated you..,

    Keep pressing, until you win
    Back down, even though your probs right
  10. Your On your phone in class.most likely your

    On twitter
    On snapchat
    On messages
    On Instagram
    Making another lame quiz...
    Reading something

Are You More Carolin Or Grace??

You got: GRACE

You are multi talented and hardworking! You may need to monitor your stress-level but it's alright because you the GOAT

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You got: CAROLIN

You get through life by talking it up with everyone you see- you're a social butterfly!! Sometimes you can run your mouth too long.... but it means no harm :) don't forget to actually study once in a while and not "wing it" for the rest of yo life

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