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    • carolinev4370803e6

      The most important thing I learned is to look at myself as a friend. You are taking yourself with you, everywhere you go, so you better be good. When a friend is having a crappy day or feeling like shit, you don’t put them down some more, but you are kind and caring to them. You make sure they eat right, or take them for a walk, or just sit with them so they don’t feel as alone. Why not do that for yourself? You might as well, you have to be your own best friend. So whenever I feel like crap, I wonder what I would do when a friend would come to me feeling like I felt. Sometimes I decide to go outside for a small walk, sometimes I drink an entire bottle of wine, sometimes I wallow in mij feelings and other times I treat myself to a good meal. Whatever I would do for a friend in need, I try to do for myself. Don’t be to hard on yourself, everyone needs a friend every now and then.

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