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Steve-O Comes To Carolines

The Jackass impresario will be headlining Carolines over the Thanksgiving holidays. Why? To tell jokes, you idiot. That's what comics do. Get your tickets now.

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“Jackass" star Steve-O (real name Stephen Glover) is calling his new stand up comedy show “Steve-O: Too Much Information” for a reason. With two years of sobriety under his belt, Steve-O’s newest – and much healthier - addiction is stand up comedy. With several lifetimes’ worth of outrageous anecdotes and unbelievable stories, this “Jackass” star is taking the mic and redefining himself as one of stand-up comedy’s fastest rising stars.

Now comes Steve-O's biggest show yet: taking over the most-celebrated venue in comedy, Carolines on Broadway, this Thanksgiving weekend (November 24 - 28). "Steve-O: Too Much Information" is no doubt going to be one of the wildest shows New York has witnessed in a long time and a must-see for all those New Yorker's who appreciate the crude, lewd, and out-of-control masterpiece that is "Jackass."