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    31 Things From Target You'll Probably Want To Buy For Your Bathroom

    The bathroom is a place that is oft neglected in terms of decor and updates. These items are too good not to buy — trust me, you'll thank yourself.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An LED makeup mirror with a wireless iPhone charger so you can watch beauty tutorials while putting on makeup or over-analyzing your pores. With an adjustable stand, a rotatable mirror, and three brightness settings, you can totally customize this mirror to your preferences.

    an LED mirror and wireless charger on a metal stand

    2. An over-the-toilet shelf that provides more surface area for your essentials, like Poo-Pourri, tissues, magazines, candles, etc. It's designed to fit over standard toilets with a metal base and a flat wooden top as shelving.

    an over-the-toilet shelf with a candle and plant on top

    3. A towel warmer because nothing's better than being wrapped in a warm towel after stepping out of the shower. Set it at 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes to get your towels to the ideal temperature. It automatically shuts off after time is up, so no need to stress over burning the bathroom down. It's small enough to be stowed away but classy enough to keep next to the tub for instant access.

    a gray towel warming machine with white lid and bamboo handle next to white towels

    4. A colorful waterproof Bluetooth speaker to make your shower-singing more acceptable with some bass to back you up. This compact and lightweight speaker can travel with you from the bathroom to the beach with 12 hours of battery to get you through your favorite playlists.

    an orange speaker resting in a fold out chair's cupholder

    5. A set of four drawer organizers so you can finally get your life together. Every skincare product will have a place with these in-drawer space savers. They allow grime and eyeliner pencil shavings to fall through the open hexagons, keeping your drawers clean. Rearrange them to fit into any and all of your bathrooms drawers.

    rectangular drawer organizers inside of a drawer

    6. A slotted makeup organizer that looks like an old CD holder and I'm here for it. The five open compartments can house all of your larger palettes and compacts for easy access while keeping them tidy.

    a lilac five slotted organizer with makeup palettes

    7. A bamboo bath caddy for your wining-while-soaking needs. Relax in the tub with a glass of pinot and a book propped up above a bubblebath with this eco-friendly shelf. Said shelf has a cupholder and a waterproof covering over the book/tablet/phone stand so you can be completely stress free (I stress if I have my phone anywhere near water) while decompressing.

    a bamboo bath shelf over a bathtub

    8. A combination soap dispenser and ring tray so you won't risk dropping your rings down the sink when you wash your hands! The dispenser holds up to 10 ounces of soap and is made of rust-resistant resin. The marble exterior will easily match any bathroom setting.

    a marble and gold soap dispenser with a ring dish

    9. A linen cabinet to keep your towels stashed in their own space. This is the perfect piece for any bathroom lacking built-in storage, with space for a basket below and a surface on top for small products and trinkets. The inner shelves are adjustable, so it can be catered to your needs.

    a white wooden linen cabinet

    10. A sleek toilet bowl brush for... well, you know. Part of adulthood is knowing when it's time to clean, and that includes the toilet bowl. This matte black metal brush holder makes cleaning a bit more enjoyable when you're using a stylish product!

    a matte black toilet brush and matching trash can

    11. A three-roll toilet paper holder because it's time to get the stack next to your toilet off the bathroom floor. And here's a bonus: the raised feet at the base prevent your TP from getting soaked when you accidentally overflow the tub!

    a matte black toilet paper holder

    12. A toothbrush holder with three rings that will keep your household's toothbrushes propped up. Ditch the cups on your counter that collect mildew and water stains. Made with a black resin base and gold wire, this minimal design adds a perfect modern pop to any bathroom sink.

    a gold three-toothbrush holder with a black base

    13. A set of matching bath mats, because every now and then, it's time for a refresh. This is a simple way to spruce up the bathroom at a low cost! New, plush mats in a nice color is something that should be on everyone's shopping list.

    two light blue bath mats staged in a bathroom

    14. A bamboo shower caddy to finally get your shampoo, conditioner and body wash off the bathtub ledge. This one is rust-proof and even has built-in razor holders and hangers for washcloths.

    a bamboo and metal shower caddy hanging on a shower head

    15. A marble vanity tray that can also be used to display plants, perfume and cologne, or anything else you want propped up in your vanity space. This one is made from a durable resin and metal to withstand daily use.

    a white marble round tray

    16. A waterfall soap dish that allows water to flow out of the tray, preserving the life span of your bars of soap. Two prongs prevent the soap from slipping, which we all know is a daily battle. Anyone else basically wrestle with their soap if it falls into the tub while you're in it?

    a waterfall soap dish

    17. An acrylic cosmetic organizer with 21 compartments to fit every different tube of lipstick you own plus a big bottom drawer for makeup brushes, palettes and compacts. The clear design makes it easy to see everything at once, so you don't have to dump out your entire makeup bag just to find one thing! This can also be used for cotton swabs, bobby pins, travel sized toiletries, or medicine.

    an acrylic cosmetic organizer

    18. An ombre seersucker shower curtain that adds texture and subtle color to your bathroom. The light hues on top draw the lines of the room upward, making the ceiling seem higher than it is. The ombre is soothing and neutral, creating a calming atmosphere.

    ombre seersucker shower curtain

    19. A rainfall shower head that will engulf your entire body while showering. With 121 jets, this stainless-steel shower head will transform your average bathroom into a spa-like experience. "Alexa, play 'Come Clean' by Hilary Duff."

    a rainfall showerhead

    20. A mounted vanity light adds a posh element to your everyday routine. Light up your space and achieve a glam moment — not just for you, but also for your bathroom. Think old Hollywood dressing room mirrors, but with an industrial and modern twist. Lightbulbs not included.

    a mounted vanity light with three bulbs

    21. A three-tiered apothecary canister that will store your cotton balls and Epsom salts alike. It's small enough to fit on your counter or on the edge of the tub. Simply lift each tier to get to the next one.

    a 3-tiered glass apothecary canister

    22. A wand shower attachment that's technically made for dogs, but works for disabled people and cleaning the tile. This multipurpose shower head comes with a suction cup hook to hang it while not in use (and it also comes with an eight-foot hose but we'll leave that one for the dog). This wand would be ideal for cleaning those hard-to-reach places, and can be easily taken off to switch back to your normal shower head.

    a dog getting a bath with a wand showerhead

    23. A two-tiered brass tray to hold the accessories and products that you use daily. Easily access your go-to items by keeping them displayed on the vanity counter. This tray won't take up much space and everything will stay nice and neat.

    a two-tiered brass jewelry tray

    24. A resin wastebasket that looks like marble — because who doesn't want a trash can that looks like marble?! The square shape is modern without taking away from the functionality of a standard trash can.

    a marble-printed square trash can

    25. A six-piece set of textured bath towels, since it's probably time to throw out the ones you took from your mom's house when you moved out. These quick-drying and highly absorbent towels are complementary to any decor style. Throw them in the towel warmer for a fluffy and comforting post-shower moment.

    blue and white towels in a bathroom

    26. An eco-friendly glass soap dish that is just as beautiful as it is functional. Made from 100% recycled glass, this bottle green soap dish will add a beautiful pop of color to your bathroom. I mean, who wouldn't want this?

    an emerald green glass soap dish

    27. A pack of double-sided shower curtain hooks to hang both the shower curtain and liner. No more taking the entire thing apart just to change the liner or wash the curtain. With these you can now slip both pieces off with ease.

    shower curtain hooks

    28. A gel bath pillow, because we all need a relaxation station! Make your bathtub a luxurious one with a suction-cupped pillow made of foam and cooling gel beads. Put on your favorite face mask and your bathroom is basically a spa.

    a gel bath pillow in a bathtub

    29. A peg wall hook for your towels (or clothes, necklaces, hats, etc.) so they can dry in a more stylish way. This whitewashed wall mount comes in three different sizes to accommodate for the amount of people using the bathroom, so everyone can have dry towels!

    a 6-peg hanger mounted on a wall

    30. A bathtub strainer, because no matter how hard you try, the drain always manages to get clogged. This rust-proof drain protector is designed to catch hair without blocking the drain completely as the silicone ring keeps it in place. Let's be real, we all need one of these in our bathrooms.

    a silver bath drain strainer

    31. A toothbrush, tooth paste, and rinse-cup holder that serves all of your mouth washing needs. With room for four toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste, everyone's teeth will be squeaky clean. Swish away the suds with the tumbler that rests on top of the toothbrush holder. It's truly a three-in-one! This caddy can be cleaned with soap and warm water, so just run it under the sink when you're done brushin'.

    a god toothbrush, toothpaste, and rinse cup holder

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