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    25 Kitchen Essentials From Lowe’s I Don't Understand How You've Lived Without

    I'm going to need to rethink my cooking habits after this.

    1. A slotted cutting block for helping you achieve perfectly sliced bread. This adjustable bamboo slicing guide even has foldable sides to make it easy to tuck away into the cupboard. Honestly, I didn't realize that I needed this until I saw it... *adds to cart.

    a wooden, slotted cutting block with bread and a knife inside

    2. A 10-in-1 food slicer, because it comes with all the bells and whistles needed for food prep! Avoid hours of cutting time by just changing out one of the eight interchangeable blades. Then toss your veggies over lettuce, pour some dressing, and spin away. Best part? All of these bits and bobs sit neatly inside the salad spinner for easy storage!

    an array of vegetables, cutting blades, and bowls

    3. Or, you know, just a regular ol' chopper if you're just looking to preserve your eyes and fingers when cutting onions. Cut down time by easily dicing and chopping all your fave veggies with one simple push.

    a red onion in a black chopper

    4. A stainless-steel workstation sink that has slots for all of your cutting and rinsing needs. This is both a space saver and a lifesaver. Okay, dramatic, but I'm having a hard time believing homes don't already come with these installed in the kitchen. (Because they should!!) And here's an extra perk for those of us without disposals: it comes with a drainboard and plug.

    a stainless steel sink with a cutting board and drainboard under artichokes and salt and pepper shakers

    5. An electric can opener to take all the manual labor out of opening your Campbell's (as you deserve, babe).

    a stainless steel can opener

    6. And a stainless-steel electric wine bottle opener so you can take the manual labor out of opening your favorite Cab, allowing you to sip some vino while your soup simmers. This set comes with a charging base, two vacuum stoppers, a foil cutter, and an aerator. Drinking done right.

    a person using an electric bottle opener to open a wine bottle

    7. A wooden mortar and pestle, because sometimes your pepper just isn't thin enough. Grind up those herbs with an ergonomic pestle and let the smells of fresh thyme permeate your home. Gordon Ramsay, who?

    A person grinding herbs with a bamboo mortal and pestle

    8. A knife sharpener. Trust me, this is a game changer for your cutlery. It's designed for both left and right-handed use, so everyone in your house can sharpen with ease and release the fear of accidentally slicing off a digit because of dull knives.

    three knife sharpeners in orange, lime, and blue with fruits, vegetables, and knives in the background

    9. A 5-spoon set with a spoon rest so you can stop dirtying the counter after each stir. Each BPA plastic spoon has its own little spot so they don't get tangled in your utensil drawer. There's even a nifty little herb chopper that lives under the holder. Need I say more?

    five spoons in a spoon rest

    10. A 20-piece cookware set that every ~adult~ should have. You've got a saucepan, you've got a frying pan, you've got steamers, the list goes on and on. These nonstick babies don't require any oil, are scratch-resistant, and are metal utensil safe. If you don't have a fry basket already, what are you even doing?

    11. A tortilla press to get those restaurant-grade tortillas from the comfort of your own home. So long, store-brought-brands-that-go-stale-so-fast! What were we thinking, microwaving those precious things...

    a black tortilla press

    12. And a fajita skillet because what better to go with your tortilla press?! This will change the game on Taco Tuesdays.

    a flat black fajita pan

    13. A double boiler for all of your melted chocolate needs (and be honest, we all have them). Obviously, a double broiler is essential for this reason and this reason only. And maybe for the occasional steamed broccoli...

    a person dipping strawberries into a double broiler with melted chocolate in it

    14. A reversible cast-iron griddle with a pre-seasoned surface to get that grilled effect, even when you're cooking inside. Grill masters everywhere rejoice!

    a cast iron griddle cooking eggs, shrimp, and bacon surrounded by other food and seasonings on top of a wooden tray

    15. A stainless-steel wok because how have we been cooking our Trader Joe's stir fries before now?! In a *shudders* regular pan? Absurd.

    a person cooking vegetables with a wok and wooden spoon over a stove top

    16. A cast-iron Dutch oven to fulfill all of your stove top and oven dreams. I mean, the lid converts into a skillet, people! Am I contradicting myself when I said that you also needed a set of 20 pots and pans earlier? No...this is just a fun addition!

    a black dutch oven over a heated stove

    17. A splatter screen designed to save you from getting sprayed with hot grease and oil. This one goes out to all your ruined T-shirts covered in soy sauce and other stains. They may not have made it out alive, but now their sacrifice won't be in vain.

    a chef holding a splatter screen over a pan being used to cook meat

    18. A deep baking pan with a lid aka your new best friend for all the in-law dinners on the docket. Throw your favorite meat in with all the fixins' for a deliciously cooked meal for up to 25 people! Your ancestors are rolling in their graves wishing they had had this when it was their turn to host Sunday roast.

    a deep dish pan with a roast in it in the middle of a dinner table with food and wine on it

    19. A stainless-steel kettle, because if your grandmother didn't hand one down to you, then it's high ~tea~ time you get one for yourself.

    a tea kettle on a counter top

    20. A steam topper to steam those (store-bought) dumplings to perfection. This basket basically has legs to stand tall inside of the pot so the goods don't get submerged. *Chef's kiss*

    a metal steam basket with dumplings inside of a pot on a table-scape

    21. A set of silicone pot holders that'll keep your hands safe on any of your pots and pans without you having to use a bulky oven mitt. Remind me again how we've cooked for so long without these?

    22. A cast-iron meat press said to improve your grilling and cooking time by 50%. Grilling season is around the corner, people. Time to start preparing.

    hamburger patties and a meat press on a griddle

    23. A 20-piece knife set with self-sharpening slots, because we all know you're not going to sharpen your knives as often as you really should. Get a precise cut every time simply by putting the knives back in their holder!

    A set of metal knives with black handles in a wooden block

    24. A cast-iron biscuit pan for all of your breakfast and bakery goals this year. This pre-seasoned pan is a great addition to your bakeware with seven spots for perfectly crisp and fluffy goodies be they sweet or savory.

    a cast iron biscuit pant with baked muffins in it surrounded by breakfast foods

    25. And my personal favorite: an air fryer pot lid — yes, you read that right, it turns any regular ol' pot into an air! fryer!! How has anyone been living without this?! There are eight cooking settings from fish to fries and a programmable timer so your food is ready when and how you like it.

    an air-fryer lid on a red hot plate next to fried food

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