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    Just 20 Pieces Of Adorable Furniture For Kids From Target

    By the time you're done, the nursery will almost be as cute as your kid.

    1. A three-tier bookshelf to store your little one's favorite bedtime stories in a ~chic~ way. This neutral yet bold piece of furniture is the perfect space filler and space saver all in one.

    a charcoal grey three-shelf bookshelf filled with books in a kid's room with a sun rug and a plush doll

    2. A dino beanbag chair because, well, do I really need to give an explanation? It comes in five other animals to fit any kid's personality and room decor — they'll be sitting cute and comfy!

    a dinosaur bean bag chair on top of a geometric rug next to a chest of drawers

    3. A pink upholstered twin bed for the day when your baby turns into a... big kid. I'm sorry, it's inevitable. At least embrace the change in style with this pretty-in-pink frame!

    a pink upholstered bed in a bedroom with pink floral wallpaper and a pink rug

    4. A floating shelf (or three) too keep valuables or decor out of reach. These may be more for parent than for the child, but at least they can see all of their knickknacks from afar :) You can also customize their space with the different sizes available!

    three decorated shelves over a cabinet filled with toys

    5. A wooden clothes rack, because we all know that the baby's closet was yours until they came along. Take your space back with this adorable visible clothing rack, display all of your mini me's favorite outfits, or even use it as a dress-up station.

    a wooden teepee-like clothing rack with children's clothes on it

    6. A two-seater kid's sofa that's ideal for reading time or lounging around. It's muted color will easily integrate into your home while remaining comfy and cozy for the kiddos.

    a small grey couch in front of a shelf with toys

    7. A round rattan bookshelf for a little boho touch that's both fun and functional. You could totally put this anywhere in your home, so you can move it around when you redesign rooms.

    a round rattan wall shelf with two shelves, decorated with trinkets over a narrow table

    8. A 3-in-1 convertible crib that will grow as your little one does! It has four adjustable mattress positions to lower when your toddler starts trying to jump out of the crib. My parents really could've used this for me... whoops. It also converts to an itty-bitty daybed!

    a white mini crib in a nursery with geometric wallpaper

    9. An art table to keep the marker off of the walls. Well, we hope. As precious as it is when they do that, keep the kids from painting outside the lines with an endless roll of paper, storage hooks for accessories, and included art supplies to fit neatly in the art tray! Even the bench doubles as a cubby.

    two children sitting across from each other coloring at an art table on a geometric rug

    10. A three-drawer dresser with a changing table that has gorgeous cane textured drawer fronts and gold handles. Put the diaper-changing essentials in the top drawer for easy access!

    the white changing table and dresser

    11. A rocking chair that will make you and baby happy! It's plushy and wide to comfortably fit you both for feeding or a bedtime story. The elegant design and wooden legs are a great modern touch, too.

    a pink rocking chair with a bunny stuffed animal in a nursery

    12. A simple pink nightstand because it's cute, curvy and pink (even though it comes in other colors, too). That's it. Just adorable.

    the pink nightstand next to a bed

    13. Or a more neutral wooden nightstand that won't go out of style, but is definitely cute enough to spruce up a room! Aside from the two drawers, the base can easily hold decor, a night-light, a noise machine and books for additional storage.

    a child's bedroom fully decorated with beddings, toys, and a wooden nightstand

    14. A set of bunk beds that you can convert into an individual twin and full when they grow up a bit! This is what dreams are made of — literally.

    15. A fox stool, because who wouldn't want a plushy animal stool in their childhood bedroom? I kind of want one in my adult bedroom tbh...

    a plush fox stool with wooden legs on a low pile rug

    16. A sweet lil' vanity to teach our kiddos to be just as self-absorbed as we are, of course! Kidding, kidding. This precious two-piece set is perfect for the child who's 5-going-on-25 and loves to play with mommy's lipstick.

    a small white vanity and matching stool in a bedroom

    17. A pouf ottoman that acts as a seat, a table, a stool, you name it. See below for the cutest tea party you'll ever lay your eyes upon. Are you convinced yet?

    a mint green woven ottoman surrounded by children's chairs and toys

    18. A rattan end table that's just as timeless as it is cute! This piece of furniture will easily transition from room to room as your kid gets older and can be used for any number of purposes.

    a child's bedroom with a made bed, an oval rug, a doll, and a rattan bedside table

    19. A toy chest, because every kid needs one. This stylish one is about 2-feet long and 1.5-feet deep, making it plenty spacious for all of their favorite games and stuffed animals.

    a kid digging in a toy chest

    20. A foldable play tent that can be used indoors or out, but will always have your kids feeling like their on an adventure. As if it could get any cuter, imagine it decorated with fairy lights and drawings and their favorite plushies. It's basically like sleeping under the stars with their furry friends.

    two children in a pop up tent in a playroom

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