Charlie Hinderliter spent months in the ICU after getting influenza last winter and nearly died. Now, he wants everyone to get their flu shot.

Caroline Kee • One day ago

Flea-borne typhus, a bacterial disease that causes fevers and a rash, is reaching epidemic levels in parts of Los Angeles County.

Caroline Kee • 3 days ago

The total fertility rate in the US is declining — but it’s dropping faster in urban than rural areas, according to a new report.

Caroline Kee • 4 days ago

The child, who had not been vaccinated, tested positive for influenza B. Health officials are urging people to get the seasonal flu vaccine.

Caroline Kee • 5 days ago

Young children are more vulnerable and often have a higher risk of complications or death from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Caroline Kee • 8 days ago

Most of these tracks are the same ones you'd want to jam out to with friends — seriously, I listened to the playlist while writing this article and it's full of bangers.

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The FDA approved the expanded use of Gardasil 9, which protects against many types of HPV that cause cancer, to include adults ages 27 to 45.

Caroline Kee • 12 days ago

So far, 57 people have gotten sick in an outbreak of salmonella linked to raw beef supplied by JBS Tolleson in Arizona.

Caroline Kee • 16 days ago

Middle-aged women with a history of sexual assault or harassment have a higher risk of hypertension, insomnia, and depressive symptoms, according to new research.

Caroline Kee • 17 days ago

The federal agency obtained documents related to the marketing of Juul during an inspection at the e-cigarette manufacturer’s headquarters last week.

Caroline Kee • 19 days ago

All of your flu shot questions, answered.

Caroline Kee • 19 days ago

Life expectancy in the US declined from 2015 to 2016 and more young people are dying from overdoses and suicide, according to a new report.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

An organ donor had cancer cells in her body that were accidentally transmitted to four transplant recipients. Three died from the disease.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

Thousands of children go to the ER each year with head and neck injuries related to baby walkers, usually after falling down stairs.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

In a freak accident, Xavier Cunningham fell out of a treehouse face-first onto a meat skewer. Somewhat miraculously, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

Health officials are concerned about more serious respiratory viruses, such as MERS-CoV, and quarantined the planes as a cautionary measure.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

The FDA sent warnings to 1,300 retailers and demanded that five manufacturers of e-cigarettes, including Juul Labs, prove they can curb youth use.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

Black hairy tongue is a real condition, and fortunately, it’s reversible. Here’s what you need to know.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

In 1990, Brandon Seminatore was a preemie under the care of Vilma Wong. Today, the pediatric resident and NICU nurse are colleagues.

Caroline Kee • One month ago

Dozens of passengers on an Emirates airline flight reported having fevers and coughing, and at least 10 were taken to the hospital after the plane landed.

Caroline Kee • One month ago