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    Here's How To Get a Million Dollar Workout At A Shitty Gym

    You don't need a 5-star gym to get a 5-star workout.

    So, your gym situation kind of sucks.

    1. Do your warm-up before you get to the gym.

    2. Run, bike, or walk to the gym to get some extra cardio in.

    3. Learn a bunch of bodyweight movements so you can do them when all the weight machines are inevitably taken/broken.

    4. For instance, you can definitely work your lower body without a machine.

    5. And the same goes for butt workouts.

    6. Ditto for upper body and arms.

    7. Now plan your workout into three sections β€” one bodyweight, one with machines, and one with free weights.

    8. If you can only find one set of dumbbells, craft your workout around that.

    9. If the ellipticals are all taken, try fast-walking on an inclined treadmill and add in bicep curls with 5-pound dumbbells.

    10. Zero cardio machines? Swap in a circuit of bodyweight exercises for 20 to 30 minutes instead.

    11. Learn lots of off-the-floor core exercises so you're not always relying on the mats or ab machines.

    12. And when you want to get in and out of there ASAP, do a quick two-move workout that'll still kick your butt.

    13. Or pick one total-body move and do lightening-fast intervals of that.

    14. Get a pair of cheap-o earbuds and keep them in your gym bag so you never ever forget them.

    15. Bring your own quick-drying towel to use on machines and mats.

    A lightweight, absorbent towel is the perfect barrier between you and another person's booty sweat. Buy this nifty one here for $11.97.

    16. And bring your own yoga mat if the ones at your gym are always taken or super gross.

    Available in a variety of colors here starting from $12.99.

    17. Don't forget an odor-absorbing air freshener in your locker so even if the whole locker room stinks, your stuff stays fresh.

    18. Never skip a workout because you hate your gym or you think the workout won't be "good enough."

    19. And if ALL ELSE FAILS, just quit your gym and join a new one or start working out in the great outdoors.