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What Does It Honestly Feel Like To Give Birth Without An Epidural?

Did you feel yourself poop tho?

Giving birth is an exhausting, emotional, but pretty darn incredible process.

But obviously, squeezing a tiny human out of your body can get pretty painful, especially when it's done without meds.

Perhaps you weren't on meds because you chose to have a natural birth at home.

Or maybe, by the time you went into labor it was too late to get an epidural, so you had to go without pain meds.

So, was it the actual worst pain in your entire life?

Or was it actually not that bad after all?

Did you feel something totally unexpected?

Either way, we want to know what it honestly felt like to give birth to a baby without any pain meds — all the graphic details, intense descriptions, and embarrassing stories included.

For those of us who haven't or won't ever be able to give birth to a baby, the whole idea of it can seem really mysterious and scary. We want you to be honest and tell us what it really felt like to push a tiny human out of your body: how bad it hurt, where it hurt, all the weird sensations you didn't expect, and the best and worst parts of the whole thing. Maybe you want to dispel some common myths about what childbirth feels like, or maybe you just want to get real and upfront about going through labor without any help from pain meds.

So tell us: what did it feel like to give birth with zero medication?

Tell us in the comments section or submit your thoughts in the Dropbox below.

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