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23 Things That Will Make People With ADHD Say "Nope"

Sorry but empty email inboxes are a MYTH.

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1. Only having a few browser tabs open.

2. A desktop that looks like this:

3. Always being ready when a friend picks you up.

4. Ordering food from a menu immediately.

5. Listening to one song all the way through.

6. Sitting still and staying quiet through an entire movie.

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7. Having zero unread emails.

Caroline Kee / Via

8. Always remembering why you walked into a room. / Via Caroline Kee / BuzzFeed

9. Setting one alarm.

10. Tuning out other conversations around you.

11. Ignoring your surroundings.

Nagoya Broadcasting Network / Via Twitter: @alanhungover

12. Getting through a to-do list in order.

13. Responding to texts on time.

14. Speed-reading.

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15. Telling a story without going on tangents.

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16. Completing only one task at a time.

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17. Keeping all your random thoughts to yourself.

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18. Waiting patiently for more than about 30 minutes.

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19. Paying attention to all the details in a party or event invite.

20. Remembering instructions the first time you hear them.

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21. Sticking to your grocery list and not making any impulsive purchases.

22. Freaking out when plans change.

23. And finally, not being able to get excited about everything and anything.

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