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What Do Your Stretch Marks Mean To You?

Tell us what you wish other people knew — and what isn't talked about enough — when it comes to stretch marks.

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People get stretch marks for all kinds of reasons — and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

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Stretch marks are indented streaks that can appear on the skin. They will look different depending on your individual skin, how long you've had them, and where they are on your body. For most people, they become less noticeable over time.


Or perhaps you just want to explain that literally anyone can get stretch marks, not just moms during pregnancy.

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There is no specific kind of person or body type that gets stretch marks.

So tell us: what do you wish other people understood about stretch marks and what do they mean to you individually?

Whatever you think or feel about your stretch marks, we want to know.

Share your thoughts (and pictures, if you'd like) in the dropbox below and your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

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