19 Delightful Tampon Cases That Will Make Your Period More Fun

    The perfect accessories for when you're bleeding from your vagina.

    1. Funny Retro Period Case

    Perfect for your purse. Buy it here for $13.99.

    2. Vampire Teabags Red Chevron Pouch

    3. Shark Week Tampon Wallet

    Because Shark Week comes once a month, not once a year. Buy it here for $18 on Etsy.

    4. Oh Bloody Hell Tampon Pouch

    5. Super Discrete Recycled Materials Case

    6. Wonder Woman Zippered Pouch

    7. Life's Little Bleeding Luxury Tampon Tin

    8. Lady Stuff Dripping Blood Tampon Pouch

    9. Globe Keychain Tampon Pouch

    For worldly tampons. Buy it here for $9 on Etsy.

    10. Customizable Embroidered Tampon Pouch

    11. Sunday Bloody Sunday Metal Case

    12. "May Contain Tampons" Embroidered Pouch

    13. PMS Princess Denim Tampon Pouch

    14. "First Aid" Velcro Tampon Holder

    15. Woodland Animal Tampon Case

    16. What + Ever Tampon Bag

    For when you literally cannot. Buy it here for $8.80 from Forever 21.

    17. Funny Name Color Palette Tampon Case

    18. SRSLY??? Embroidered Tampon Clutch

    The pouch that really gets you. Buy it here for $16 on Etsy.

    19. Crocheted Penis Tampon Pouch

    Because why not? Buy it here for $8 on Etsy.