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This 17-Year-Old Actually Survived This Epic Fall And It Was Caught On Snapchat

A warning to anyone who likes to play on or near railings. all of us sometimes tbh.

Annie Schwenker is a 17-year-old from South Carolina whose INSANE backward fall off a cruise ship railing was captured on video and is going viral on Facebook.

The fall was originally tweeted a few days ago by Annie's friend Maddie, who took it during their spring break cruise nearly two months ago.


In the video, you can hear her friend yell, "Annie, don't fall!" as Annie swiftly drops backward and tumbles off the railing like a rag doll into the abyss that is the middle of the stairwell.

The crazy clip started as a Snapchat, and Annie asked Maddie to delete it immediately, but she kept it. (Thank you, Maddie.) Last week at a graduation barbecue, Annie gave Maddie the go-ahead to post the video, knowing it would probably blow up on social media. She was right!


BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @MaddieFrankk
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And for some reason, it's impossible to stop watching.

BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @MaddieFrankk

BuzzFeed Life got in touch with Annie to find out what really happened and whether she still has all of her teeth.

"We were at a club in the cruise ship called Dazzles — it's like an oldies club — and we went to the bathroom then decided to go 'railing surfing' back down there and I basically did a backflip and landed on the same railing on the flight of stairs below me," Annie told BuzzFeed Life. / Via

Wait... railing surfing?

"Everyone thinks I'm wasted in that video but I was completely sober," she added.

"It's actually more embarrassing that I was sober because if I had been drunk it would be much more goofy. I only fell because I was stupid and let go with my hand which you can't do when you're railing surfing."

Her friends' reactions?

Bravo / Via

Obviously, they freaked out and checked to see if Annie was okay first — which she was. "Then they were laughing their asses off," Annie said.

...Probably because Annie only fell seven feet and was able to stand up right away.

Logo / Via

But...still. That's quite a fall. Annie explained, "I was only one flight from the bottom of the stairs. After I hit the railing, I stood up right away and walked up like half a flight of stairs to where they were standing and kept saying, 'I'm fine, I'm fine.'"

The only visible damage was a busted and bloody lip after Annie bit it on impact. "I was in a lot of pain, but I didn't cry right away because I was in shock from having the wind knocked out of me," she said.

Then they went right back to the club that she was sliding down to in the first place.

Comedy Central / Via

"I went back to the club and we were dancing, and then once the adrenaline calmed down, I started crying on the dance floor because it hurt so bad," Annie told us.

Annie's mother, who accompanied the girls on the trip, knew there was something wrong right away when she saw her daughter's face. "I saw my mom right after when my lip was still bleeding and she freaked out and asked if I fell but I told her no." (Literally, who hasn't been there?)

A few days later, doctors discovered a fractured rib.

Algarabi / Getty Images / Via

"There was only one day left on the trip, and I didn't want to stay in bed all night so I went out again even though it hurt like crazy to move or breathe," Annie said. "When we got back to land, it was a 12-hour drive to the hospital because of traffic, but I ended up getting an X-ray and turns out I broke my rib!"

As for Annie, she just wants people to know she's alive.

NBC / Via

"Everyone thinks I'm dead, so I'm glad I can just tell people I'm still here... I would probably go railing surfing again, but I just need to make sure to hold on with both hands next time," said Annie.


BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @MaddieFrankk

You do you, girl.

H/T Daily Dot

This post was updated for clarity.

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