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    23 Delightfully Weird Office Items Every Medical Nerd Will Love

    Office supplies that are literally ill.

    1. Virus Tile Coasters,1136972453

    Buy the measles coaster (left) here and SARs coaster (right) here for $9.95, or browse the collection on Cafe Press.

    2. Geometric Lung Design Bag

    Knitty MD on / Via

    Buy this handmade bag here for $30 on Etsy.

    3. Anatomy Bookmarks

    According To Panda on / Via

    Buy them here for $2.22 each on Etsy.

    4. Giant Plush Microbes / Via

    Botulism and MRSA on your desk have never looked so cute. Buy them here for $10 each from ThinkGeek.

    5. Rx Prescription Pad Tray

    Fishs Eddy / Via

    To collect all your paperclips, rubber bands, and loose screws. Buy it here for $15.95 from Fishs Eddy.

    6. Brain Cactus Plant

    Succulent Wonderland on / Via

    This little cactus is perfect for your desk and it's shaped like a human brain — naturally! Buy it here for $10 on Etsy.

    7. Spinal Tape

    Perpetual Kid / Via

    Buy it here for $9.99 from Perpetual Kid.

    8. Human Skeleton Mouse Pad

    SimplySereneShop on / Via

    Buy it here for $12 on Etsy.

    9. Left Brain, Right Brain Bookends

    Bertrand Jayr / Uncommon Goods / Via

    Buy them here for $68 from Uncommon Goods.

    10. Lumbar Vertebra Mug

    Massage Warehouse / Via

    Buy it here for $9.79 from Massage Warehouse.

    11. Floating Sperm and Egg Pen

    Office Playground / Via

    You'll definitely stand out with these guys. Buy them here for $2.49 from Office Playground.

    12. Rubber Anatomy Coasters

    Art Altered on / Via

    Buy the set of 6 in round or square shape here for $18.99 on Etsy.

    13. Band Aid Sticky Memo Notes

    Perpetual Kid / Via

    Buy them here for $2.99 from Perpetual Kid.

    14. Phrenology Head Map Stickers

    Vintage Gypsy Road on / Via

    Buy a sheet of these super unique stickers here for $2.50 on Etsy.

    15. Anatomical Heart Print Journal

    Red Thread Bindery on / Via

    Buy it here for $8 from Etsy.

    16. Colored Syringe Pens

    3B Scientific / Via

    Buy them here for $6 from 3B Scientific.

    17. Morphology Mug

    CafePress / Via

    Available here for $9.95 from Cafe Press.

    18. Anatomical Hand Business Card Holder

    TRowan Design on / Via

    Inspired by the classic vintage cigarette case. Buy it here for $16.95 from Etsy.

    19. Muscle and Ear Anatomy Clipboards,1033905076?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=1033905076--c-9004064&utm_source=pla-google&utm_campaign=177006610&utm_content=13899891970,727066643?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=727066643--c-9004064&utm_source=pla-google&utm_campaign=177006610&utm_content=13899891970

    Buy the ear clipboard here and the muscle clipboard here, both for $21.95 on Cafe Press.

    20. Circulatory System Anatomy Notepads

    Blue Tree Publishing, Inc. / Via

    Buy a pack of 2 here for $8 on Amazon.

    21. Tiny Doctor USB Flash Drive

    Generic / Via

    Buy it here for $5.14.

    22. Brain and Medical Tools Laptop Decal

    Pixels LLC / Via

    Buy it here for $6.99 on Amazon.

    23. Skeletal Anatomy Paperweight

    Plasticland / Via

    Buy it here for $20 from Plasticland.

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