23 Delightfully Weird Office Items Every Medical Nerd Will Love

    Office supplies that are literally ill.

    1. Virus Tile Coasters

    Buy the measles coaster (left) here and SARs coaster (right) here for $9.95, or browse the collection on Cafe Press.

    2. Geometric Lung Design Bag

    3. Anatomy Bookmarks

    4. Giant Plush Microbes

    5. Rx Prescription Pad Tray

    6. Brain Cactus Plant

    7. Spinal Tape

    8. Human Skeleton Mouse Pad

    9. Left Brain, Right Brain Bookends

    10. Lumbar Vertebra Mug

    11. Floating Sperm and Egg Pen

    12. Rubber Anatomy Coasters

    13. Band Aid Sticky Memo Notes

    14. Phrenology Head Map Stickers

    15. Anatomical Heart Print Journal

    16. Colored Syringe Pens

    17. Morphology Mug

    18. Anatomical Hand Business Card Holder

    19. Muscle and Ear Anatomy Clipboards

    Buy the ear clipboard here and the muscle clipboard here, both for $21.95 on Cafe Press.

    20. Circulatory System Anatomy Notepads

    21. Tiny Doctor USB Flash Drive

    22. Brain and Medical Tools Laptop Decal

    23. Skeletal Anatomy Paperweight