17 Unfortunate Realities Of Having ADHD

    Besides struggling to make it through this entire post without getting distracted.

    [Editor's note: ADD/ADHD is a neurological disorder characterized by difficulty sustaining attention, lack of self-control, impaired working memory, and a range of other symptoms. It’s now more often classified in medical literature as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but lots of people (including some doctors) still refer to it as ADD. For more information regarding ADHD, click here or find resources here.]

    1. Dealing with unsolicited comments about your disorder:

    2. Walking into a room only to completely forget why you went there in the first place:

    3. Scrambling to retrace your thoughts and remember why you started a new task:

    4. Being forced to sit through a ridiculously long movie or play without any breaks:

    5. Correcting people when they call your medication "study drugs":

    6. Dealing with the burnt, messy aftermath of cooking while distracted:

    7. Showing up to an event and realizing you really should've read those details on the invitation:

    8. Going on a first date in a super loud, distracting restaurant:

    9. Attempting to deal with months, if not years, of unread emails:

    10. Trying to reopen hundreds of tabs after they all caused your browser to crash minutes before:

    11. Being told that all of your ADHD symptoms will be magically cured by a fidget spinner:

    12. Losing or breaking the fidget spinner shortly after you caved in and bought it:

    13. Dealing with someone who takes your sporadic texting habits personally:

    14. Forgetting to set your usual 57 reminders that an important deadline is coming up soon:

    15. Dealing with the consequences of forgetting something really important:

    16. Going into a full-fledged panic when you realize it'll take you twice as long to finish something:

    17. And constantly reminding people that ADHD isn't just another word for spacey, lazy, or easily distracted.