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Tell Us How You Ended Up in the ER with a Ridiculous Holiday-Related Injury

It’s the most wonderful — and accident-prone? — time of the year. We want to know about those holiday-related injuries that had you shaking your head.

The holidays can be a wonderful but chaotic time...and there’s nothing like a surprise trip to the emergency room to put a damper on the festive fun.

Do you have a ridiculous story about a holiday-related injury that you always share with others?

An absurd accident you look back on and laugh about?

Maybe you got too excited while putting up decorations and ended up with your limb decked in a cast.

Or maybe you showed up to work in January with a black eye from a rogue champagne cork on New Year’s Eve.

We’d like to hear your best cautionary tales. So please, tell us about your most unusual or unexpected holiday-related medical mishaps, injuries, and emergency room tales. Share your story (and pictures, if you’d like) in the dropbox below.

Your submission may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.