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19 Things You'll Understand If You've Experienced Sleep Paralysis

The phrase "sleeping peacefully" is a sick, sick joke.

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1. What most people consider a paranormal, near-death experience is basically a normal night for you.

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2. But that doesn't mean sleep paralysis isn't still scary AF and slightly traumatizing every time.

3. You know it’s coming when your eyes slowly open but every muscle in your body is paralyzed.

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4. Then it starts to feel like THIS LITTLE GOBLIN SHIT is sitting on your chest and it becomes hard to breathe.

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5. Sometimes, you’ll sense a dark presence in the room and you're just like, "HEY, GRIM REAPER."

6. If it’s really bad, you might full-on hallucinate things like ghosts, witches, or aliens.

7. You have silently begged and prayed to make it stop, even though you're fully aware that no one can hear you.

8. You might even try to wiggle your toes and fingers frantically to wake yourself up, but it never works.

9. And if you're with someone, they might try (unsuccessfully) to snap you out of it, too.

10. When your body *finally* decides to wake up, you usually feel out of breath and absolutely insane.

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11. Falling back asleep is basically impossible because you’re just lying there like, WTF WAS THAT?

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12. So sometimes you won't fall back asleep, leaving you completely exhausted and still like, NO, REALLY, WTF WAS THAT?

13. Everyone thinks it's just a nightmare even though you are abso-fucking-lutely positive it is not because YOU ARE AWAKE.

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14. You've tried all of the sleep medicine and home remedies, but none of them actually work.

15. Because you can never really predict when or why your sleep paralysis happens, which makes it even scarier.

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16. And even though there's a scientific explanation, that doesn't matter because it still feels like the Babadook is swaddling you.

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17. You know it won’t kill you...but every time, you wake up believing you just narrowly escaped death by a half a second.

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18. The phrase "sleeping peacefully" sounds like a sick joke to you.

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19. Because you're much more used to waking up frozen and having weird AF encounters with paranormal beings.

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Happy sleeping!

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