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19 DIY Survival Kits For All The Worst-Case Scenarios

It never hurts to emergency-proof your life.

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1. This college kit to help you brave the germ-filled shitshow that is campus life.

Mavis Butterfield / Via

Items include:

-Gas-X and Pepto

-Cold medicine


-Ice pack

-Antibiotic ointment

-And more! Find it here on One Hundred Dollars a Month.

You'll need those digestive aids for your dining-hall diet, and plenty of cold meds to help you survive the nasty dorm flu. This kit won't replace mom's chicken noodle soup, but it'll do until winter break.

2. This bathroom first aid kit that'll make you seem responsible and prepared AF.

Items include:




-Hydrogen peroxide

-Antiseptic wipes

-And more! Find the full list on Mom Advice.


6. This camping kit that will calm down even the least outdoorsy people on the trip.

Items include:

-Duct tape

-Wet Wipes

-Dish soap

-Fly swatter

-SPF Chapstick

-And more! Find the full list on The Benson Street.

7. Or there's this extreme wilderness backpacking kit.

Brian Warner / Tumblr user Nounmoth / Via

Items include:

-Propane burner stove

-Tools and cooking utensils


-Film camera

-Literally one or two AXES (depending your lumbersexual level)

-And more! Found via

You know, for channeling your inner Bear Grylls.


10. This first aid beach bag will prepare you for everything but the sharks.

Stephanie Gerber / Via

Items include:

-Aloe vera gel

-Extra water bottle

-Dramamine for boat or car sickness

-Baby powder (to get that tricky sand off your skin)

-And more! Find the full list of items on Hello Natural.

11. This pack for surviving a music festival with more memories than injuries.

Sami Jarroush / Via

Items include:

-Ear plugs

-Reusable, flexible water bottle


-Electrolyte packets

-Condoms (because you never know where the music will take you!)

-And more! Find out what else to bring to the festies on Consequence of Sound.

12. This travel-proof kit that will save a trip to the drugstore during your trip.

Christine Amorose / Via

Items include:

-Personal prescription meds

-Cold medicine (day and night)

-Anti-itch creams

-Stool softener for when traveling royally screws up your stomach.

-And more! Find out on C'est Christine.

Just make sure all the creams and liquids are under 3.4 ounces so they'll pass through security!


13. And this emergency pack for anyone traveling with a severe allergy.

Items include:

-Emergency inhaler

-Epinephrine autoinjectors (EpiPens)

-Antihistamine tablets

-And more! Find out on Scratch or Sniff.

15. This emergency kit to help the bride stay chill AF on her wedding day.

Cris Stone / Via

Items include:

-Safety pins

-Mini sewing kit

-Hair spray

-Stain remover

-Pressed powder

-And more! Find out on Kiss My Tulle.

The maid of honor can easily prep this kit ahead of time and have it ready to go the morning of.


17. This baby first aid kit with the essentials: / Via

Items include:

-Gentle antiseptic skin cleanser

-Baby aspirin

-Infant thermometer

-Nasal aspirator

-And more! Find the full list on The Wise Baby.

You'll be prepared for all the accidents, because babies are basically just tiny drunk adults.

19. And this first aid kit that your hungover self will thank you for later.

WelcomeBagShoppe / Via

Items include:

-Electrolyte or sports drink

-Pain reliever

-Eye drops


-Or anything you need to become a normal human being again.

Inspired by The Welcome Bag Shoppe on Etsy.