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Here's How People Talk About Periods Around The World

From "the communists are coming" to "strawberry days" and everything in between.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their periods, and we heard from more than 6,000 people all over the world.

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They told us about what products they typically use, what cultural myths they've heard about menstruation, and even what it's like to talk openly about periods in their country.

They also sent in hundreds of slang words for periods. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it should give you a pretty good idea of how menstruation is discussed around the world. (Note: We've translated many of these into English.)

1. "Lady time"

Variations: lady days, lady week

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US

2. "Time of the month"

Variations: T.O.M, Tom is in town, Tom is visiting

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US

3. "Strawberry week"

Variations: strawberry days, strawberry season

Submitted by: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Switzerland


4. "I'm with Andrew, the one that comes once a month"

Translated from Spanish: "Andrés, el que viene cada mes" (rhyme)

Submitted by: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Perú, Venezuela

5. "Aunt flow"

Variations: aunt flo, auntie flow

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, UK, US


7. "I'm on the rag"

Variations: I've got the rags, ragging, on the cloth

Submitted by: Australia, Belize, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, US Belgium, Belize, Iceland

9. "The communists are in the funhouse"

Variations: the communists are visiting, the communists are in the hallway

Submitted by: Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, UK, US


10. "The Russians have arrived"

Submitted by: Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Romania

11. "Japan is attacking"

Variations: Japan has arrived, Japanese flag days

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Spain, UK, US

12. "The English have landed"

Variations: the English have disembarked, the British have landed

Submitted by: Belgium, Canada, France


15. "The egg yolk has dropped to the bottom"

Variations: I've got the yolks

Submitted by:
Albania, Netherlands


16. "It all came down"

Variations: it came down, it's coming down

Submitted by: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay

17. "The ruler"

Variations: the ruler is here, i'm with the ruler

Submitted by: Chile, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela


18. "The motherland is bleeding"

Variations: the homeland is bleeding, the motherland is crying blood

Submitted by: Turkey

19. "The rooster sang to you yesterday"

Submitted by: Puerto Rico

20. "I have guests"

Variations: I have friends visiting, the guests are here, I have a visitor here

Submitted by: Georgia, Romania, Malta, Russia


21. "The painters are in"

Variations: the painters are in the hallway, the decorators are in

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, UK

22. "I have it "

Variations: I got it

Submitted by: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia

23. "Red sea"

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, UK, US


24. "Shark week"

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, UK, US

25. "Satan's waterfall"

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, UK, US

26. "Riding the red river"

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, US


27. "Surfing the crimson wave"

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US

28. "I'm on my rules"

Variations: I've got the rules, on my rules

Submitted by: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany

29. "Red army"

Submitted by: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Romania, Russia


31. "On the blob"

Variations: I've got my blob, the blob

Submitted by: Australia, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, UK

32. "The monthly visitor"

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, US


34. "I'm sick."

Variations: I'm unwell, I have the sickness, I'm getting sick

Submitted by: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chile, Ecuador, Morocco, India, Romania, Spain, Turkey

35. "The red Ferrari is here"

Variations: the red Ferrari is parked outside, aunty in the red Ferrari

Submitted by: Netherlands, South Africa


37. "I've got a pile of old, useless junk."

Variations: I've got pile of unused stuff, pile of rubbish, i've got old stuff

Submitted by: Czech Republic, Slovakia


38. "Flying the red flag"

Variations: the red flag, raising the red flag

Submitted by: Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Guyana, Lithuania, Netherlands, Philippines, US

39. "Moon time"

Variations: moon sickness, moon week

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, US

40. "I've got my things"

Submitted by: Austria, Croatia, France, Italy


41. "I've been stopped"

Variations: I'm on stop, I'm at the stop, I'm on hold, i'm stopped at the red light

Submitted by: Romania

42. "Monthly oil change"

Submitted by: Germany, Hungary, Netherlands


44. "The soccer team is playing at home (in red jerseys)"

Variations: the football team is wearing red, our team is playing at home

Submitted by: Cyprus, Portugal

45. "I'm on my days"

Variations: those days, my red days, on my days, I've got my days

Submitted by: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechia, Germany, Kosovo, Latvia, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden

46. "Aunt rosie is coming to visit"

Submitted by: Germany, Iceland, Switzerland


47. "Granny is coming in the red car."

Submitted by: South Africa

48. "My monthlies"

Submitted by: Australia, Canada, Finland, Georgia, Iceland, Maldives, UK, India

49. "I've got my chums"

Variations: the chums, chumming

Submitted by: India


52. "Mother nature"

Variations: mother nature's gift, mother nature is here

Submitted by: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Latvia, New Zealand, UK, US