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    33 Faces That Are Way Too Real For People With ADD

    Went to the kitchen to grab scissors, left with a sandwich and 17 pictures of your cat.

    1. When you walk into a room and completely forget why you went there in the first place:

    Caroline Kee / BuzzFeed Life / Via

    2. When you raise your hand with a brilliant answer but your mind jumps to a new thought as soon as you're called on:

    3. When you realize you forgot something important ten minutes after you left the house but you're already running late:

    Disney / Via

    4. When you get distracted while getting ready to go out:

    "Hey I'll be there in 5, r u ready?" No.

    5. When an instruction manual is more than one page long:

    6. When you trail off mid-sentence because a new thought pops in your head and start speaking nonsense:

    7. When you have to sit still through a long performance: / Via BuzzFeed Life

    8. When your meds kick in a little too strong and you go overboard with the chores:

    9. When you need complete silence in a room to finish an assignment and one person's phone keeps vibrating on a table:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    10. When someone tells you that they have ADD too because they have trouble studying:

    11. When you spaced out while your friend told you a story and you overcompensate when they ask you what you think:

    12. When you're taking an exam and someone can't stop sniffling:

    Cartoon Network / Via

    13. When you start out picking up dirty clothes off the floor and end up spending three hours re-organizing your room:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    14. When you're on public transportation and you focus on every little detail around you and start to get paranoid:

    15. When someone points out that you have too many tabs open on your computer:

    16. When you open a text conversation and realize you wrote a response and forget to hit send:

    WingNut Films / Via

    17. When you're the last one to finish a test:

    * / Via

    18. When someone asks you to stop changing songs in the car so often:

    19. When you snap out of it and realize you've been staring directly at someone for 10 minutes:

    20. When someone asks you to choose the restaurant:

    21. When you interupt a conversation with some random memory from like five years ago:

    Paramount Pictures / Via / BuzzFeed Life

    22. When you forget to refill your medication until you don't have any:

    23. When you immediately forget the instructions someone just gave you but still try to play it cool when they ask "got it?"

    Joseph Ducreux, "Self Portrait 1793" / Via

    24. When you realize you have 24 hours until an assignment is due:

    25. When you misplace your phone. And your keys. And your wallet. And everything else that's mildly important.

    26. When you pull up to the drive through and have like 30 seconds to choose from all the options:

    Animal Planet / Via

    27. When your friends get mad at you because it takes you so long to order:

    28. When you realize you forgot about an appointment that starts in 20 minutes:

    29. When someone suggests you change your extremely personalized system of reminders and schedules:

    Disney / Via

    30. When you have to wait. Anywhere, anytime:

    31. When someone asks you for your pills:

    ABC / Via

    32. When someone tells you that ADD isn't real:

    33. When you walk into a Forever 21:

    Actually this is probably just everyone.