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17 Things You Should Never, Ever Share

Unless you love washing your body with fungus and brushing your teeth with the stomach flu.

Sharing personal hygiene products with friends, family members, or partners is kinda inevitable.

But some of those seemingly harmless items can actually put you at risk for serious skin and health problems when shared.

1. Bar Soap

2. Towels

3. Loofahs

4. Razors

5. Nail Clippers

Even if it looks like both people have clean and healthy nails, clippers still pose a risk because they're used where warts and fungus hide out on our fingers, toes, and soles. Sharing them could lead to nail fungus or even types of HPV that cause plantar warts, says Bowe. You can wipe the clippers in alcohol after each use, but you should probably just keep them to yourself.

6. Tweezers

When you're out and realize your brows are only a few stray hairs away from being on fleek, you're probably willing to borrow tweezers from anyone. And if you're pulling only hairs, sharing tweezers isn't that bad — as long as they aren't super dirty. But when you use tweezers to dig around for an ingrown hair and puncture skin, they can quickly become tools to transfer blood-borne diseases. "It's rare but possible to transfer hepatitis C or HIV by using contaminated tweezers," says Bowe. Your safest bet is to soak the tweezers in a jar of alcohol after using them if you suspect any blood is on them.

7. Anything in a jar — Vaseline, face cream, etc.

8. Nose Clippers

9. Hair Trimmer

10. Antiperspirant and Deodorant

11. Lip balm

12. Pumice Stones

13. Toothbrushes

14. Toothpaste — kind of.

15. Earrings

16. Flip-Flops or Shower Shoes

17. Earbuds