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19 Illustrations That Sum Up Being In A Relationship When You Have ADHD

We promise we aren't ignoring you.

1. Dating when you have ADHD is more complicated than most people think.

2. Even when it comes to just playing the field, it seems like we're always at one extreme or the other.

3. On a first date, it's easy to mistake our distraction for a lack of interest, especially in busy restaurants.

4. Then we might have tunnel vision with someone new, but we'll eventually balance everything out.

5. We don't intend to annoy our partner, but we also get how our habits can be a little infuriating.

6. Especially our phone habits.

7. Making plans can get a little crazy sometimes.

8. But that's really because we have so many fun ideas floating around in our head.

9. We also get super excited about giving our partner gifts, but it's easy to overthink it and unravel.

10. We promise we aren't constantly ignoring everything our partner says.

11. But they still need to be patient with us when telling a super long story.

12. We're used to not paying attention during movies, so we're always down to Netflix and "chill."

13. Sex can be all over the place, literally and figuratively.

14. It's super important for people with ADHD to communicate how they feel to their partners.

15. Because we'd probably be surprised by how similar our partner feels.

16. We don't take an understanding partner for granted, especially when we mess up.

17. Dating someone with ADHD can come with a lot of benefits.

18. And it means the world when our partner gets that.

19. And our partner is still the center of our universe... there's just a lot of other shit revolving around in it.